30 Nov 2011

Chocolate Frosting

We made birthday cupcakes while mom was in town.  I realized that I never had a birthday dessert, with candles and whatnot, so it was a perfect excuse for Jayce to help with a little baking as he loves to do.  They were yellow with chocolate frosting.

Icing 3

When we weren't paying attention, Jayce helped himself to a second, which he ate from the top down, as opposed to from the side.  This is his response to his reflection in the mirror.Icing 1

The little stinker.  He was so proud.Icing 2


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28 Nov 2011

Hannah and Grandma

Mom came to visit last week while Chris was in California.  She hadn't been to see us since June, AKA she hadn't seen Hannah since she was 1 week old.  She couldn't get enough.

Momhan 3Momhan 4Momhan 2Momhan 5Momhan 1

Come back any time Grandma, we missed you the minute you left!

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26 Nov 2011


Now that November is almost over, as is my every-weekday blogging, it's about time for me to make a little something for these,

Blanket 13

along the lines of these.

Il 570xN 198373877

Someday I will learn to do something more leisurely with my leisure time.  Until then, I will be deciding on colors.


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24 Nov 2011

Thankful Again

I'm thankful for my little pumpkin,

Pumpkin 5Pumpkin 2

and my little chef,

Cookies 1Pumpkin 4

I'm thankful for a week with no time to blog because I've been spending time with mom, and driving to spend Thanksgiving with family. I'm also thankful for random pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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23 Nov 2011


Mythree 4

I'm so thankful for my 3 loves, who take turns making me crazy, and calming my crazy.

Mythree 3Mythree 1Mythree 2

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22 Nov 2011

Go Together

Hbw 1Jbw 1

One of my friends made the comment that Hannah and Jayce don't match, but they do look like they go together.

I like it.

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21 Nov 2011

Family Fall Photos

When I told Chris that I wanted to get family pictures taken he gave me the, "Erin, you just got an amazing brand new camera, and take a million pictures of our family each week, and now you want to spend more money on more pictures?" My answer was yes. I don't want professional portraits done each season or each year, but since we have a new addition, I want pictures of our family of four.

We got the proofs last week and he had to agree that they are wonderful. Tammy did our family pictures when Jayce was born and it was some of the best money I've ever spent. They are timeless, beautiful, and I still love them as much as the first time that I saw them. I was so excited that she could squeeze us in when we were on our way back from Florida last month, and the fall scenery was the perfect backdrop to get some photos of the four of us.

She made a beautiful little slideshow of the images, which I took these screenshots of, and you can see at this link.

It's wonderful. One of my favorite parts is this video of Jayce that she included in the slideshow of the images. He was singing the theme song to his favorite show, Fireman Sam, while he played on the bars at this little playground. It's just so him, corny as it may sound, and it makes me love him a bit more every time that I watch it.

I'll share some of the pictures themselves once I get the edited images back. I can't wait!

19 Nov 2011

Jayce Questions

Bear 1

Last week Hannah was wearing some Halloween pjs with glow-in-the-dark bones printed on them. They sparked the following conversation with Jayce.

Jayce: Mom, what are these?

Me: Those are bones.

What are bones?

Um, they are hard things that are under your skin. Whenever you feel your skin and they're something hard under there, that's your bones.

I then showed him his elbow, his knees, his wrists, etc. I was feeling a little proud of myself for coming up with a short explanation that he seemed to get.

Jayce: Oh. My finger nails are hard, they're bones.

Me: No, those are your nails. Your bones are under your skin, your nails aren't under your skin.

This cup is a bone, it's hard.

Well, no, that's plastic. And it's not under your skin either.

At this point I start looking around the room for something to distract him so that I wouldn't have to answer if every single thing in the room was a bone. So much for that great explanation.

Bear 2

He also asked me what "start" was, though he knows what it means. I dare you to come up with a definition that makes sense to a 3 year old, but doesn't use the word start in it. It's difficult. Eventually I said, "Jayce, you know what start means." and we moved on, because he did know. Stinker.

17 Nov 2011

5 Months and Foot Grabs

5 months is a good age.

Blanket 2

It's the month of one of my favorite baby poses, which I'll call "legs in the air." Whenever you're on your back, those legs are up.

Picnik collagetoesBlanket 7

Even in the middle of the night, when I lay you on the changing table and you are still 90% asleep, those legs go up.

Blanket 16

My other favorite baby pose is an extension of legs in the air, "grabbing the toes." Even when you're zipped up in your sleep sack, you are still grabbing for your toes.

When I come to get you at the end of nap time, if you aren't in your sleep sack, it is obvious by the socks laying beside your head that you put yourself to sleep by grabbing your toes and then discarded those pesky socks. I just can't seem to help you keep those feet warm!

Blanket 1

You had your first big road trip this past month and it was a success, so long as we weren't late in feeding you, and we were late a few times. You don't love that pacifier quite as much as your brother did, and when you are feeling fussy it does little to console you. But luckily the hum of the car kept you sleepy for some long stretches, and we made one of the 10 hour drives in 1 day. You had your first trip to the beach, didn't fit into the swimsuit that I bought you when I first discovered you were a little girl, and wore a sweet 2-piece instead. I hope you enjoyed it, there will be less 2-pieces in your future as your stomach goes from being round and chubby to flat and firm.

Blanket 11

You have started teething though there isn't a tooth in sight. I guess I should say, you have started chewing. Week 18 you had some tiny bubbles on your lips, week 19 you started chewing on your fingers, and now you are chewing on your hands pretty often.

Blanket 19

Teething is kind of a bummer, but along with it comes one of my other favorite baby things. We'll just say it's "baby kisses," but the reality is that this is when you use my face as a human chew toy. I love it. You grab my face and pull it towards you (a little like a hug), and then you gently bump your mouth against my cheeks until you find something you can latch onto and gnaw on a little. Like my jawline, my chin, my nose, etc. Jayce used to do this too, and would always get your dad's nose. (Obviously any trace of his facial hair kept you both from wanting to gnaw on his cheeks.) Is it crazy that I love this? I think it's funny and sweet, and I'm always happy to sacrifice non-saliva covered cheeks in exchange for sweet snuggles with you.

Blanket 5

Along these lines you play a bit more with your mouth now. You've started sticking your tongue out a tiny bit at us when you smile. It's sweet, but also a little bit rotten, like you're trying to entice us to give you some attention. Or you'll stick it out a bit and blow bubbles, just experimenting.

Blanket 17Blanket 6

You laugh in little bursts. There are no drawn out giggles like your brother used to do, it's almost like you want to make us work at it. The same thing doesn't necessarily work every time, and it rarely works over and over. When you do laugh, it is always worth the effort. You love to smile at your brother and his antics.

Mirror 2

The bouncy seat is a thing of the past, which is a bummer for me. As soon as we put you in it you arch your back and start squealing. You are in the Bumbo seat instead, (which you could have done months ago, but your crazy mom wanted to wait until she had her new camera.) It is better for you to observe everything that is going on around you and play with a few toys on it's little tray. You are nearly finished with your play mat as well, which means we'll be moving into exersaucer territory soon.

Mirror 1

You are a little chattering sweetie. We never forget that you're in the room, as you'll holler at your toys, your reflection, and anything else. You're so fun.

Happy 5 months sweetie.

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16 Nov 2011

Batman in the ER

Jayce has been at various stages of sick for the past month, his allergies going crazy with the trip to Florida, Kentucky, and back, and the Illinois temperatures dipping into the 30s and then back in the 70s. It's been a bit much on his little system and he's been a relatively passive little guy in the process. But last week he finally kicked all of his symptoms and is feeling so much better. So the playing and pretending have been in full swing.

Fireman 1

For the past week it has been fireman rescue heros constantly. He wakes up, asks where his fireman hat is, and then wears it as he races his trucks and helicopter all around the house, lining them up at various stations, putting out fires and rescuing different toys, with a seemingly constant running narration. The firemen are all of the cast members ofFireman Sam, his favorite show, and occasionally Fireman Jayce is a part of the action as well.

Fireman 2

The other night Batman was injured. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Once there, he endured the following procedure, which I'm sure is pretty standard at all ERs.

Okay Batman, go like this. (Sounds of inhaling and exhaling.) Good.

Now, stand right there. Oh, you're so tall!

Now, let's get you a sticker.

It sounds a little bit like Batman was having a well visit with his doctor, doesn't it?

I'm glad he doesn't know what an ER trip is really like. I'll take the well visit version any day.

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15 Nov 2011

Best Parenting Article Ever

I absolutely love this article.

I read it for the first time over a year ago, the night after we attended this lovely wedding where Jayce behaved like a little monster. A friend just happened to tag me to read it on facebook, and it was just what I needed. I dare you to read it and not nod your head or say "Yes!" out loud. It's fabulous. Enjoy.


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