28 Apr 2011

Easter Weekend

Picnik collagee

We started off Easter weekend in true Easter weekend form, meaning a big egg hunt.  The local rec center put on a hug egg hunt for kids of all different ages and it was so fun.  Really, at these things I always wonder who is more excited, Jayce or us!

Egg hunt 5

We did this last year too, but it was pouring rain so the festivities were moved inside.  It was still a great time, they had little egg obstacle courses set up and various games that Jayce loved.  But there is nothing like a big group of kids running around plucking brightly colored eggs from soft green grass.

Picnik collagebunny

Chris and Justin ran around with Jayce and helped him "find" eggs.  It was so funny to watch because Jayce would run over to a patch where there were probably 30 eggs in a 2 foot square area, select 1 or 2, and then move on.  But thanks to Chris' helpful directions he was sure to find numerous Reece's Cup Eggs, the orange ones in the picture below.  We saw the Easter bunny again this year, and Jayce remembered him from last year when he was handing out little stuffed bunnies to the kids.  There were several kids staring cautiously at the Easter bunny and keeping their distance, but Jayce walked right up to him, gave him a high five and then a hug, and told him thanks for the eggs.  It was so sweet!  I wasn't fast enough with my camera

Picnik collageeggs

Chris and Justin helped Jayce sort through his loot.  There was a good variety of candy, and stickers, along with about 8 free passes to the pool this summer-an excellent prize!  They also had special prizes to be collected if you found any golf balls (since it was beside a driving range), and Jayce had several of those as well.

Egg hunt 10

We were so excited that Justin and Tasha could come visit with us this weekend, especially since it was literally the ONLY time that we had a weekend free in the spring before the baby would arrive.  Jayce kept calling them my "my friends Uncle Justin and Aunt Tasha."

Picnik collageea

Jayce was sure to point out all of his favorite outside activities to Justin, so he got in on bike riding and swinging, among other things.  It was a full day.

Picnik collageswing




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25 Apr 2011

March Chatter

Dishes 3

By titling my post by March but posting it in April, I'm just admitting that I'm a little behind in these funny little sayings of my little guy. But I had to get them down before they slipped away, along with the rest of my memory these days...

Dishes 1

The pictures are of one of our best ways to make slow days go by a little faster, particularly on the long rainy days when there is no chance of going outside, or on the days when Chris is away and there is little to break up the day. I let Jayce get a variety of cups and spoons and he "cooks" for me in the sink. This normally works in the bathtub, but since I struggle with the tub these days the sink is a better solution. Enjoy.

Dishes 2

Sweet Sayings

While helping Chris install the new dvd player.

Great job, Dad.

Mom, you're my sweetie and I'm your sweetheart.

After watching the Incredibles.

Mom, I want to be incredible and I rescue you.

Dishes 4

On getting the last Word

To me: I love you, Mom.

Me: I love you too, sweetie.

Him: No, I love you too sweetie too, Mom.

He also does a re-enforcing "You're welcome too," at the end of the thank you exchange.

J: Thanks Mom.

Me: You're welcome.

J: You're welcome too.

I'm tempted to say thanks again, but I have to supress it or this circle may never stop.

J, rudely: I want...NOW!

Me: Excuse me! You are not the boss around here son,...

J, interrupting sweetly: No Mom. I not the boss. You're the boss.

Dishes 7


Chris and Jayce were working on something in the kitchen the other day, and Chris looked up to see Jayce in his own little world, wiggling his shoulders and shaking his hips, saying, "Like a G-6, like a G-6, like a G-6." (I can't think of the group that sings that song, but you know which one I mean.) He also has told me at other times, "Mom, I like that song where that girls says 'Like a G-6.'" This is particularly funny because at first he was singing "Like a G-6," but he was saying, "like a cheese stick, like a cheese stick." I guess that is why the song is a little more memorable to a 2 year old.

While playing with Mr Potato Head

J: Mom, where I put Mr Potato Head's penis?

Me, deflecting: I don't know buddy, but his eyes go right here...

Dishes 5


While trying to help me carry a pack of diapers upstairs.

Mom, it keeps slippering!

Dishes 6


J, stomping: Mom look, I like Shrek's donkey. But I not have ears on my head like donkey. I have hair. Like my family. And people.

One of Jayce's friends was over a few weeks ago and we were all watching a basketball game. She was saying something about basketball, but was pronouncing the word just slightly off. I can't remember exactly but it was a letter in the middle that was missing or something. She is only 2 as well, and was pronouncing it just fine, but Jayce kept telling her, "No, buh buh buh basketball." She would say it again, pronouncing the buh part just fine, but he resumed the "buh buh" coaching until I realized what he was doing and assured him that she was saying it just fine.

As we were watching World World the other day, the title of the show popped up and Jayce said to me, "Look Mom. Dubba dubba double you." Me: It looks that way, but W says wuh wuh. But his way did seem perfectly logical.

I've noted before how Jayce points out whenever one of us, including himself, says the wrong thing. Like when we first switched him from a bed to a crib, out of habit I would often say something about his crib when I meant his bed. Now, he'll point out when we don't make mistakes. Mom, you said the right thing! I agree, this is worth noting on most days.

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22 Apr 2011

32 Weeks Along

(Me, in the window, in the nursery, at 30 Weeks.)

Stencil 10

I wore this dress to church last week and ended up keeping it on all day. It was SO comfy and cute, and was perfect for the breezy but 80+ degree weather that day. However, the "cinched at the top of the bump" look is one that I have just started partaking in, and I had this conversation with literally everyone that I talked to at church that day.

Them, looking at my belly: So when are you due again?

Me: June.

Them, eyes wide and chuckling: Oh...ha ha...I don't think you're going to make it that far.

Me, smile gradually decreasing with each new person: Yeah, I don't really either.

For what it's worth, I don't actually think I'll make it all the way to my due date. This is mostly based on nothing, since no one can really be sure about any of those sorts of things. I do think that everything has happened so much earlier with this baby that it does make me think delivery might be early too. That said, I don't think I'll be going anytime too soon, since I am still 6 weeks from the safe stage, so those people making comments that speculate that it could be 'any day now' kind of annoyed me. Especially since I don't look that big.

Picnik collage30

To further convince myself of my point, I took this picture at 31 weeks. Yes, I definitely look like a big pregnant lady, but I don't look like a 9 months pregnant lady, right?! (This is the part where you say, "No, those people are crazy! Only 8 1/2 months, tops!")

April2 22

According to Babycenter.com, the baby is this big this week, the size of a jicama, whatever that is. I think they might just invent vegetables sometimes when there isn't one that corresponds with the size of your unborn child, because this just looks like a potato to me, and I find that insulting. While I don't think I have the "ready to pop" look, surely there is more going on in there than a large potato. And at 16 inches and almost 4 lbs, that would be one serious potato.

32 jicama

We had some sunny weather last week and were able to get out for a few days before we had to run back inside for coats. Along with the constant changes in weather, Jayce and I have been sick again these last few weeks: sinus infections, crazy coughing, etc. The scary thing about my being sick this time, is that when I'd have a big coughing fit, I would start having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. The doctor told me if I have 5 or more in an hour than I need to call them, because I could start going into premature labor, and multiple times a day I was having 4 within 30 minutes. So I tried to take it easier this weekend: sitting more, trying to rest more, not trying to squeeze in 10 minutes on a project here or there. It seems to have worked for now, but we were all just a little concerned at the time. 32 weeks is too early, so if I can stop it from happening by taking it easier, I will.

April2 48

I've had my first official cravings this past month, where I just feel like I need to have something that I normally wouldn't- and it's root beer. We were at Cracker-barrel a few weeks ago and when I walked past that tub of ice and drinks at the check in spot, I thought to myself, "I have to have a root beer, right now." This is odd because I never drank root beer before, but now I actually think about it during the day. It's kind of like the way that you crave coffee (if you're a coffee drinker), by which I mean, it sounds good at every time of the day, not necessarily with a meal, just by itself, and I kind of feel a heightened sense of enjoying my beverage when I have some. Strange, huh? I only allow myself a maximum of 1 per day, because I know how pop can dehydrate you, and especially with the Braxton Hicks issue I am always drinking water.

Stencil 21

The other craving coincided perfectly with the seasonal re-opening of our Dairy Queen, and their introduction of the mini-Blizzard. Though I can't really blame pregnancy for this one.

13477638 0U3M66DG c

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20 Apr 2011

New Cool Spiderman Bike

Bike 3

Some friends emailed last week asking if we would be interested in a brand new Spiderman bike for Jayce. He doesn't have a bike yet, so we were very interested. Jayce was obviously floored, and since the first moment that he laid eyes on it, it has been referred to exclusively and lovingly as "my cool Spiderman bike."

Nursery 1

We got the bike on a Friday, and unfortunately a huge thunderstorm started immediately after we pulled it out, and kept going Saturday morning. But since it was new (and not really dirty), we let Jayce ride it in the (non-carpeted parts of the) house. He went back and forth from the front door to the furthest corner of the kitchen over and over. Saturday afternoon Chris took Jayce up to school and let him ride it up and down the hallways of the school. (A lucky perk of him having keys to the building.)

Bike 1

Sunday afternoon it was warm enough to head outside for a bit with the bike, so we took it on a short spin around the neighborhood. I don't know how much further into pregnancy I'll be able to do this with him alone, because there were a surprising amount of small hills on the sidewalks and he wasn't quite strong enough to pedal up them. I spent lots of the trip half bent over, pushing him over large cracks, maneuvering around cars that were parked far back in their driveways, and into the street for a few lots that haven't been built yet and don't have sidewalks in front of them.

Bike 2

Chris and I both had a surprising surge of pride watching him on the bike. It's so funny to be a parent and feel like you are experiencing all of these simple little things for the first time all over again. Really, when we pulled out the bike and he was pedaling around, it was hard to tell who was more excited, Jayce or us. I'm so happy to know that we have so many more of these instances ahead of us with Jayce, and then get to do it all over again with the other little one.

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18 Apr 2011

New Beds All Around

Bed 1

We have finally made the bedtime transition around here to a big boy bed. I know that a lot of Jayce's friends had already moved into big beds by now, but we waited a little longer because there really wasn't a need for it yet. We were told to move him 1.) if he was being nighttime toilet trained (which he's not), 2.) if he was trying to climb out of the crib (which he never did), or 3.) if there was a new baby on the way who needed the crib. This was what pushed us to do it now. We were waiting until a bit closer to the baby's arrival as well so that there wouldn't be a big crib in the "not yet transitioned" nursery / my work room, so now that we're getting the nursery set up it's the perfect time.

April1 1

I found this great wooden toddler bed at a thrift store last year for $8. It was in great shape, but didn't have the hardware included. I didn't think it would be too big of a problem to track down the right screws and bolts, so I bought it and it has been sitting in the basement waiting for us. When Patsy was in town we tried to set it up to get Jayce's room all ready. Little did we know the ridiculous wild goose chase we were starting.

April1 2

If you ever are in a situation like this, do not buy the crib or toddler bed that has no hardware, because no one can sell you any. We spent one morning going to a half a dozen different hardware, furniture, and specialty stores looking for the right stuff. I was wrong about needing some screws and bolts, you need special furniture screws with special screw thing-ys to screw into the bottom. No one had any, but they all recommend another place that would definitely have them. We eventually came full circle, with the last place we went recommending the first place we had gone. I even called a few places, but everyone was all, "Yeah...hmmm...I don't know...no, we don't carry those." Me: "Can you order them?!" Them: "No because...(some excuse that I found to be dissatisfying.) In the end we just went to Walmart and bought a new toddler bed. Patsy and I spent 2 hours assembling it and were glad to just be done with the charade and finally have the bed ready to go.

April2 3

When Chris got back into town, he took apart the crib and reassembled it in the nursery. Jayce was helping at first,

April2 4

but that didn't last incredibly long. There was a mattress to jump and play on, and in the end that was much more interesting.

April2 1

After the crib was out, Jayce ran into his room and said, "Look Mom, my crib is gone! It's in my sister's room." This made me sad. Even though I'd been telling Chris/harassing him about needing to make the crib to bed switch for a little bit, once it was done I really just wanted to put everything back. I did not cry, which was sort of an accomplishment given the current state of pregnancy hormones and everything, but I was sad all night. But our little girl is coming soon and will need a crib to sleep in, so I'm glad that we're a little closer to being ready for her now.

April2 2

As for how the transition has gone, I am thrilled to report that it has been an absolute piece of cake. The first night after I put Jayce to bed, I went downstairs and picked up the video monitor to see him swing his legs over the bed, stand up and take a few tentative steps forward. In my most firm mom voice, I called, "Jayce, get back in your bed," which startled him and scurried right back in. Other than this, he has never gotten out of bed. I think we lucked out, and he is one of those kids who just doesn't realize that he has a newfound freedom. He has never tried to get up to play with toys or leave his room, and still stays in his bed and calls for me when he wakes up in the morning and from his naps. I'm glad, I actually prefer it this way.

April2 5

The only small hiccup is that 3 nights out of the first week we found him sleeping on the floor beside his bed in the middle of the night. He is one of those kids who constantly turns like the hands of a clock while he's sleeping, so I guess he just wasn't used to there not being bars to keep him in his bed when he was laying the wrong way. Luckily, the bed is only about 6 inches from the floor and we have thick soft carpet, so I don't think he ever woke up when he fell. It was more like he slid off the bed onto the carpet, and just decided to stay there. I still check the monitor a few times a night when I'm up for a potty break, and this past week he's been in his bed every time, so maybe he's getting used to it now.

April2 22

Overall I can't complain. I was a bit worried, especially with Chris being out of town so much, that I would wear myself out going upstairs to try and coerce Jayce back into bed multiples times each night. But it went so well that it might have given us the confidence boost that we need to start up potty training again. Or we'll just celebrate this victory for now and ignore potty training a little bit longer.

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15 Apr 2011

Pier One Knock Off Pillow

I completely forgot to mention yesterday, I did another guest post this week, this time on the fun blog KoJo Designs.  They are doing a series called The Sincerest Form of Flattery, which features guests doing knock offs projects, and mine was yesterday.  I modeled it after this pillow from Pier One,


and here is my version.

Picnik collagepillow

Not bad, right?  I love the golden yellow color!!

April2 40

If you're interested in the tutorial, it's here.



I can't believe that I actually pulled it off, but I do really like it!!  And I'm pretty sure I see ruffles in our little girl's future.



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14 Apr 2011

31 Weeks Along

March4 3

Well, I'm 31 weeks along now, the baby is due in exactly 2 months from today. Wow. A friend just asked me, "You're down to weeks now, right?" and I guess that is true though I hadn't really thought of it that way. Single digit weeks at that, which seems important. :) According to my BabyCenter.com update I have 60 days to go, which seems crazy to me. I haven't really been paying attention to the amount of days until baby. When you first sign up for those emails you have like 200+ days and it just seems so far away, but 60 seems very close.

March4 4

I don't really have any exciting pregnancy information to share. I passed my glucose test (the short one), and I was happy about that but not surprised. I have gained just under 30 pounds so far, which is fine with me. My energy is waning, but I don't have the really miserable 3rd trimester stuff that I know is right around the corner - swelling, heartburn, indigestion, etc, so I'm trying to make myself take it easy. I have had less time for the blog (obviously), and realized that I have barely pulled out my camera in the past month, so I'll be making more of an effort with that. It didn't used to take any effort, but it seems that everything takes a little more effort these days.

March4 5

Regarding my OB, we've decided to switch to another doctor in the practice because we're fed up with ours. She's rude, condescending, and overall really annoys us. So my next visit is with someone else, there are 2 other ladies in the network, and between the 3 of them we will find someone who is nice enough, and doesn't drive us crazy. I know this seems kind of strange to be changing it up so late in the game, but we didn't know who would have delivered Jayce if we'd have stayed in Scotland (you just get whichever midwives are in the hospital at the time), and we ended up meeting the doctor who delivered Jayce in Kentucky on that day when it was about time to push, so it seems less strange to me. As long as the person is in the business of helping women get babies out of their bodies, and they aren't overly rude, then I'll be happy with them.

March4 6

My sciatic nerve pain has lessened a bit, because, I'm told, the baby is getting too big to be settled into my pelvis and has shifted up a bit. Sweet relief!! But it has been replaced by pain in my pelvic bone (aww maaan), so I am only celebrating a little.

I also found out that I don't get a 3rd trimester ultrasound. Is that common? Most of my friends did have one with their doctor's offices, so I was kind of looking forward to seeing just how big our little girl is. But I guess I'll just be surprised in a few months and that's fine.

March4 7

We've decided to keep baby's name a secret once we finalize it, which is kind of fun. It gives us lots of time to still deliberate and change our minds without having made any sort of verbal commitments, though my sister is really stressed out about it. (Sorry Chels!) I do feel kind of like a terrible person whenever I tell someone this though. I feel like I'm telling them, "You don't deserve to know yet!" But since no one knows, the playing field is pretty even. And it allows Chris and I to have a fun little secret between us about our family, kind of like when no one else knew I was pregnant yet.

March4 8

In the meantime, I've been giving lots of love to my big baby. He's just too sweet for words, even in his more rotten moments, and I'm so thankful he's mine. We got these fun pictures the other day when I was trying to get a belly picture, and I was cracking up that he kept putting his hands on his stomach too. There have been some big changes in our house in the past few weeks, having to do with new big boy beds, old cribs and new nurseries, and I'm looking forward to sharing it.

12 Apr 2011

Crazy Allergies: Sick, Take 100

April2 49

Well, being healthy was a very short-lived victory that only lasted a few days around here. At my last report, the worst was behind us and we were all on the mend, but in the 2 weeks since that post, Jayce has picked up a sinus infection, and some other infection. Basically, he's healthy for about a week, and then it's downhill from there.

At our 5th doctor's visit, we determined that allergies are probably at the root of the problem. Jayce wasn't sick in any form from April 2010 to February 2011, which was when all hell broke loose around here (sickness wise). Since February, the weather has continued to flip flop back and forth anywhere from low 80s to low 30s, changing completely about every 4-5 days. We discovered last year (in that April visit that I just mentioned), that Jayce has spring allergies. The doctor recommended a medicine and nasal spray for him, and all was well. But these medicines did nothing for him this year.

The doctor thinks that Jayce's allergies aren't under control. So his already aggravated system gets an infection, he takes anti-biotics which kills the infection but obviously doesn't help the allergies, which just flare up and cause another infection, we get more antibiotics, and around and around we go.

Feb4 10

We scheduled a consultation with an allergist a few weeks ago, which is this week. However, you cannot take any allergy medicine for 5 days leading up to your appointment because they could affect the outcome of any test results. So we have been off of allergy medicine for 4 days now. And Jayce is worse than ever, and I can't do anything about it.

His nose is running constantly, which is annoying but not the worst part. What is worse is that his lungs are really congested, and about once per day (at least) he has a horrible coughing fit where he just cannot catch his breath. Today it was during his nap. He was trying to cough the congestion out of his lungs, but when he tried to draw in a breath he just pulled back into his lungs what he was trying to cough out, and started choking. It was horrible. His whole body was shuddering, he was crying and I just held him upright and tried to calm him down. At one point in between coughs he wailed, "Mom I go see doctor so my chest not hurt!!" It was bad. This is also on a day when Chris is out of town so I have no backup. It's probably better because I don't have the option of freaking out, and I have to hold it all together. So I'll wait until he gets home to cry.

I called the doctor Friday, we went to the doctor Saturday, and I called again today. There are new antibiotics at the pharmacy for us now.

Feb4 9

All of this sickness has meant that Jayce has wanted extra snuggles throughout the day, and only wants me. Though sometimes it's inconvenient, particularly on my poor bladder, I don't mind obliging to this. So I shouldn't be surprised that I now have a sinus infection as well.

I'm hoping for the best on Thursday. In an ideal world, the doctor would suggest a new course of treatment, which works, and we can avoid that skin scratch test that I (stupidly) googled and saw pictures of. I'm hoping not to cry that day as well.

Does anyone else have young kids with allergies? What medicines are they on? I'm looking for all the help I can get. And if you could say a quick prayer for us on Thursday, I'd really appreciate it.

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