29 Sep 2010

Potato Stampin

I made these last week, which you can see here if interested,


with this.


When Jayce woke up, I knew he'd want to try it, so I set him up with a little potato stamping project too.


Which went pretty well...



until he realized that he had paint all over his boobies, which is what he told me.


My arms are getting better, so I'll be catching up soon, and trying to right my blog negligence.


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21 Sep 2010

More Wedding, Less Running

Sorry I have been absent on here for about a week, it is pushing back the "catching up" that I was planning to do on the blog.  The short of it, and this will all have to be very short for now, is that I have really aggravated the muscles in my forearms and doing anything on the computer is kind of excruciating at the moment.  Really anything that requires me to lift my fingers up, like holding a pen, cutting with scissors...and, uh...cooking dinner, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms...okay, really just the first things.  Anyway, at the moment I am full of ibuprofen and have spent the better part of today's nap time with ice bags on my arms, so I'm going to have to make this quick.


I did find a few photos from the wedding last week that weren't of Jayce running away.  Mel and I grabbed the cousins and tried to get a quick cooperative picture of them together, and tried to get Jayce to give Hadley a kiss.  It seemed like he was going to cooperate, and at the last second, he backed out.






What a boy!  Hadley is 5 months old now and such a big sweetie!  She is at that drooly stage and I think it scared Jayce off a little bit, but he wasn't exactly cooperating that evening in the first place.  We did manage to get the whole Keith family together for a family picture as well.


That's all for today, but this will at least get me off the hook a little bit about not posting any new pictures in a week.


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14 Sep 2010

Pittard Wedding

We went to Louisville last weekend for Chris to do the wedding of some good family friends. This would be the part where I would normally have a picture of Chris marrying our friends, but I do not have a picture like that. A tiny glimpse of why could be revealed in this picture. A blur of Jayce.


Or maybe this one, which we'll call, "See ya Mom!"


Jayce is normally a pretty well-behaved kid. He typically has a good sense of boundaries and minds us pretty well, but it was all out the door on this ocassion. Now I'm obviously aware that he is only 2 years old, and at the beginning of 2, not close to turning 3. But he was like a wild hellion of a 2 year old at this wedding and reception.

He was constantly running. I took him outside and he ran towards the street. I took him inside and he ran into people, all over the room, away from us. I picked him up and he did that "sideways fling out of your arms while screaming" thing. He wiped out big time, twice, but as soon as he stopped crying he started running again.


He got marched out of the room a few times by Chris and I both. He got spanked, he got "talked to," he "Yes, ma'am" and "Yes, sir'd," and then went right back at it as soon as we unleashed him again. We left early and exhausted.

When we drove home the next day, he was fine. He sat happily in his seat, reading his books, playing with his cars, and watching a movie. He played well in the play area at Chick Fil A, and didn't fuss when it was time to leave. He was happy to be home and ran around pulling out his favorite toys, but playing with them sweetly. Chris and I talked about how we were so glad that we brought home Dr Jekyll instead of Mr Hyde.

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10 Sep 2010

I Won!

I was so excited to discover last week that I won a great prize! My friend has recently moved to Evansville with her family, and is working with a really great local photographer there. Sarah of Sarah Wellmeier Photography.

And I won a free photo session with Sarah! Yay!!!

Screen shot 2010-09-02 at 3.58.55 PM.png

I have enjoyed getting into photography SO MUCH, because sometimes I'm able to capture some great shots of 2 of the most important people in my world.


But sometimes I get a bit jealous and grumpy over the fact that I am never in any pictures. I feel like Chris and Jayce's relationship is readily photo-documented, but I am a bit non-existant. I will periodically hand the camera over to Chris and say, "Take a picture of me and Jayce," and he does, but he doesn't care about it necessarily being a good picture and is overall annoyed by the camera. You know what I mean, he just doesn't care. And I do care.

It turns out that, due to Chris' crazy fall schedule and the timeframe that I was allotted for the photo shoot, Chris won't be able to come with us to Evansville. I'm disappointed that we won't be able to do a family photo shoot, which is what I really would like. But a part of me is sooo excited to get some beautiful professional pictures of just me and my little boy. It will be an hour or so documenting a little bit of our relationship: the smiles, kisses and snuggles between me and my 2 year old baby. I can't wait.

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8 Sep 2010

Any Christian Standard Readers?

Still playing catch up here a bit, but has anybody been reading the Christian Standard this past August?


If so, I hope you caught 2 different articles penned by Chris and his father Andy. There was The Pastoral Call of Corporate Leaders in the August 15 issue, and Why Some Corporate Practices Should Have A Home in the Church in the August 29 issue. I was so proud to be sitting in church by my husband, and reading his writing in a magazine that I had grabbed off of the church's magazine rack! :)

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7 Sep 2010

A Sweet Shot: Dreamy Sunflare

I took this picture a few weeks ago as we were leaving a fall festival at our church. It was a really hot day, there were inflatables, and Jayce was a crazy jumping boy for the few hours that we were there. He obviously didn't want to leave the fun, but as soon as Chris picked him up to take him out to the car, his head hit Chris' shoulder and stayed there the rest of the way.


I love the dreaminess that the light spilling across the middle of the frame brings, and I can't believe that I lucked into some rare 2 year old eye contact with the camera. I just want to reach in and grab that little snuggle bug.

I'm linking to a Sweet Shot Tuesday at Life with My 3 Boybarians.

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3 Sep 2010

Five for Friday: Jayce

It seems that my little family blog has been neglected lately. Sorry!!! It's not for a lack of things to say, I actually have plenty, I've just been busy doing instead of writing lately. But I am attempting to rectify that a bit this week, and for today I'll be turning to Tiffany's tried and true method, 5 for Friday.


1.) I made Jayce this great little desk last week! I love it! I put it on Lemon Tree Creations on Monday, which you can see here if interested. I discovered last week that my mom and sister never check the LTC site because they know that I sometimes refer to a project that I've done over there on here, and they don't want to check both sites. There were a few other times while I was with them when I would refer to something on Lemon Tree and they'd be like, "Wait, is that the Blues and Branches thing?" Apparently a family blog, a creative blog, and an etsy site are just too much to keep track of individually, so I need to pool them all here. :) Love you Mom and Chels.


2.) Jayce has started saying that things are cute, and it is cracking me up because not only does he say it at the at appropriate times, he says it in that kind of high-pitched inflection that you would use if you were calling something cute.

"Momma's beads. Cute!", at my necklace.

"Baby. Cute!"

Also, this week I was trying on a few dresses for an upcoming wedding. Jayce was playing, stopped and looked over at me and said, "Momma's pants. Cute!"

I stared at him for a second, trying to decode what he was talking about, until I realized that the word "dress" probably wasn't a part of his vocabulary yet.

"Oh, Mom's not wearing pants buddy, this is a dress." I said, grabbing at the dress' hem.

"Dress. Cute." and then he went on playing.

I don't know where he learned that! I'm impressed that he seems to get that necklaces, babies and dresses are things that could be classified as cute, but doesn't think that sidewalk chalk or trains fall into that category as well.


3.) Have you ever heard of the book, Let Me Hold You A Little Longer. I haven't read it, but read about it on my friend Page's blog. It is written by a woman who observed how she spent so much time celebrating her children's firsts, and was often unaware of the last time that they would do something in particular. I didn't read the book on purpose, because, well, it sounds adorable but also incredibly sad!! I don't want to think about that!

But I have been, especially these last few weeks. Since we took away Jayce's pacifier, I obviously knew when the last time he was going to use it would be, but I didn't know that it would be the end of many other parts of his bedtime routine. He used to have a whole list of things that he would ask for at bedtime, starting with the 2 most important, bear and paci, and then would run down the list as we were taking him up to bed and putting him down. Bear, paci, 2 bears, blankie, 2 blankies, shoulders (he wanted to be covered by the blankies, not just have them), light, fan. It was almost a little bit of a game to see if we would remember everything before he reminded us about it. But now the whole system has been thrown off, and most of those items, including the bear, are thrown out of the crib in protest when we put him down.

He also won't let Chris sing to him when they rock together. Even if Chris just starts to hum lightly, Jayce will say, "No Dad." It's funny, but sad.

He has stopped saying "Uh-huh," and emphatically bringing his head up and down when he wants to affirm something, and instead sweetly says, "yes" with a very distinct "s" sound. It sounds so formal and cute, we love it, but are sad about the end of "Uh-huh."


4.) Jayce has started thanking me, unprompted, for a little bit of everything. It happens several seconds after I've handed him his drink, or helped him with his train tracks, or put on his shoes. It's almost as though I help him in some way, he thinks about it for a second and then realizes how much he appreciates me and wants to let me know.

Now I know that's not what is really happening, it just seems that way.

"Fanks, Mom." he'll say, looking over at me sweetly or as he walks out of the room. It still surprises me a little bit every time, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

2010_02_05_6384 2.JPG

5.) The potty. The one thing that I have been told the most about potty training from my doctor, the parenting classes, and my friends is, "Just wait until they're ready!" I don't want it to become a discipline issue, or a power struggle issue, and if he isn't ready anyway then I'll just make myself miserable and exhausted in the process. So I've been waiting for him to show an interest, as advised, and we haven't talked about the potty in months. Last week, I was surprised when Jayce suddenly announced to me that he needed to do the thing, I put him on his little potty and he did it. The big thing. (Trying to avoid potty talk, even though this is about the potty.) A week later he did it again.

I'm at a bit of a loss here, because I feel like this snuck up on me. Should I reward him? He is doing it by choice now, so if I add an M&M incentive, is that going to throw things off? He also seems a little bit shy/embarrassed about it, which is probably normal. Afterwards, I tried telling him "Thank you for going in the potty" and "Mom is really proud of you" but he was not interested in hearing it at all. He also didn't want to tell dad about what he'd done, even when Chris responded the same way as I had. What gives? What should I do? Leave him alone? Talk to him more about it? Start full speed ahead into training now that he seems to have "shown an interest?" I really don't know, so just tell me. Please.

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2 Sep 2010

Giving Up the Paci

I told you a few weeks ago that the giving up of the paci was imminent. So, almost 2 weeks ago, we did it. I wish I had thought to take a few pictures, but I did not, so you'll have to use your imagination a bit on this one.

When it was getting close to bedtime, I informed Jayce that he wasn't going to be able to take his paci to bed that night, that his paci was broken and we were going to have to throw it away. I had thought that this little preparatory talk might help things, but he also might ignore me and just keep playing, but it actually stopped him in his tracks, his little sad lip came out and he came over to me for a hug.

Since it seemed like he did actually know what I was talking about, I decided to just get rid of it then and get the process going. I went and got his paci, clipped the end off and brought it into the room to show him.

Me: "Look, it's broken."

Jayce: "Mo-om, fix?"

Me: "Nope, I can't fix it, it's broken. We're going to have to throw it away."

Jayce: "Blue paci?" (He had 2 pacis, this was the white one.)

Me: "No, the blue paci is broken too."

Then this happened.


The sad, sad lip and eyes full of tears. Genuine sadness. He came over to me for a hug and buried his head into my shoulder. I snuggled with him and told him that it would be okay, but that the paci was going to have to be thrown away. I tried to get him to throw it away himself, but he refused, only giving it back to me and then keeping his head on my shoulder.

That night, it took him a while to fall asleep, but he never brought up his paci at all. I guess he understood the whole concept of it being broken and gone. But it did take him a while to get himself settled down and to fall asleep. It was much like when we were first doing the sleep training with him, the whole "crying it out" to get him to be able to fall asleep by himself in his crib. Now he just needed to figure out a way to get himself settled enough to fall asleep.

I had not anticipated him responding like this at all! I kind of thought that he would throw a bit of a fit when he couldn't have it, and sit in his bed and call for it, the way he used to when he would accidentally lose his paci when he was still awake. He almost responded as if I had told him that his friend had died or something. Even though that sounds pretty dramatic, I guess that from his perspective it kind of was like that. It was the thing that comforted him when he was sad, and soothed him into sleep every day and night. No wonder he didn't want to throw it away!

But the whole sleep thing is getting better. As we had anticipated, it was better by the end of the week. It's still not great, and the fact that it takes him longer to fall asleep at naptime and bedtime has pushed his time of waking up in the morning forward as well. We're still getting adjusted, but we'll get there eventually.

1 Sep 2010

Etsy stuff

I have been looking around for a little branch stamp to use with my etsy orders, (you know, that whole Blues and Branches thing?), but I have been having an impossible time finding a branch that isn't overly cutesy, or has birds or flowers on it.  So I finally opted for something custom.  On Monday, I was so happy to receive this in the mail!

IMG_6419 2.JPG

There have been a few times that I have been out and ended up talking to someone about my shop, and wishing that I had a few business cards or something to hand out.  Now I can use this perfect little stamp to make business cards, and use it on packaging and thank you cards that I send with my orders.  It's something that customers can hang onto if they want, but even if they throw it out it's still good for branding, and I won't have to worry about wasting cards on anything because I can re-use the stamp as much as necessary.  I love it!


In other etsy news, my shop is sponsoring a giveaway on this great blog, Somewhat Simple, tomorrow.  She is doing an "ABC Create With Me" theme in the month of September, and on "B" Day, there is a giveaway from Blues and Branches of a blue necklace.  Fun, right?!

Screen shot 2010-09-01 at 8.46.06 AM.png

I'm excited because my shop name and necklace made it into her little description of the theme.  Check out the screen shot above.  Yes!  Also, you might want to check out that post in the first place, because she is doing an incredible giveaway of a great product, a Silhouette cutting machine!  Click here for more details.

I also have had a few of my items featured in treasuries these last few weeks, which is always a great surprise!  My blue necklace (actually, the giveaway necklace) and the pearl adorned paper blossoms were featured.  Here are the screenshots.

Screen shot 2010-09-01 at 1.51.20 PM.png

Screen shot 2010-08-31 at 12.11.34 PM.png

Okay, so that's what's been going on etsy-wise around here.  Stick around for the rest of the rest!



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