30 Oct 2009

Fall Photos

When we were in Ohio, I wanted to get some pictures of Jayce outside since the leaves had already turned there and everything was so beautiful.  Unfortunately, it was either raining or freezing almost every day, except for the day when we were leaving.  Before we went to the airport we were outside playing in the yard, and since someone else was doing the chasing, I managed to get some pictures that weren’t just the back of Jayce’s head. (That is all that I seem to get these days now that he is on the move.)  This is a pared down selection, I took almost 200! Enjoy.




2009_10_21_3891 2009_10_21_3916




29 Oct 2009

Shout Out

Remember last month when I made these cool little twine balls?


I got the instructions from a tutorial on Vanessa’s site, which you should check out if you never have before. She is incredibly creative, has a beautiful home, takes stunning pictures, and sometimes posts tutorials that you can blatantly rip off and claim as your own copy with her blessing.

Anyway, I told her at the time that I had made a set, they turned out great, and thanks for sharing her creativity. And I heard from her today that she has a link to my twine balls on her site, along with some other projects that some of her readers had tried for themselves. Check me out here. Mine pales in comparison to the people who took on projects of the sewing nature, of which I run screaming from but admittedly adore from afar. But I still feel just a tiny amount of satisfaction.

So, Vanessa, thanks again for coming up with a great idea, giving step-by-step instructions on how to do it, and then allowing me to feel creative in the process! Many happy returns!

27 Oct 2009

Fall Fun

In another attempt to get cousins and cousins’ kids together in Ohio, we headed out to a cool little pumpkin patch.  We took a hayride,



tried to pose with more cousins at appropriate photo ops, but Conner was mad about getting his picture taken, so Timmy was out of there!



There were animals,

2009_10_18_3748 2009_10_18_3756  a “pick your own pumpkin” patch,



and plenty more photo ops.  We realized after we took this picture that it is actually for one person, and in theory, Jayce’s arm should be where Timmy’s face is.  Oh well.  I think I like it better this way.


26 Oct 2009

Chuck E Cheese

One of the other fun things that we got to do in Ohio is meet up with my cousin Sarah and her son Timmy.  Sarah and I are about a year apart in age and had a lot of fun together while we were growing up.  Last fall, we both discovered that we were pregnant about a month apart from one another, and our boys have a 3 week age difference.  Unfortunately since they live in Washington D.C. we have never met each others boys, so we planned to get everyone together in Ohio.

Jayce and Timmy met up in Chuck E Cheese, with a mutual love for the fire engine…


and a mutual distaste for the mobile Chuck E Cheese.



Unfortunately, they didn’t have too much time to play together


but it looks like they bonded just a little.


Jayce was happy in the toddler area, but his heart was in the game beside it, which we eventually let him play,


and Timmy was loving the slide.


Jayce barely made it out of the parking lot before quickly falling into an overdue nap.  It was an overdue and successful play date!


Twins! Or Just Sisters

While Jayce and I were in Ohio, Chelsea and I went out birthday shopping.  My birthday is in a week (Woot!) and hers is the following week, so we were going to try to celebrate while I was in town.  While we were out we found these great jeans that were on sale, but since we couldn’t buy ourselves something in such close proximity to our birthdays, we each bought the other some jeans.  :) 


My mom, being almost as camera happy as I am, insisted on us modeling them and getting a few pictures.


For whatever reason, we were trying to get these “one leg up” pictures, and just couldn’t pull it off.  One of us just kept falling and mom wasn’t fast enough with the camera.


I eventually changed the setting on the camera to help mom out, and we finally got one that worked.  But I actually kind of like the blurry ones, because they convey just how ridiculous this situation was a little bit better than the frozen action shots.


Holding the pose!


Ridiculous.  This shouldn’t have taken as long as it did.  I blame Chelsea.


25 Oct 2009


Jayce and I were in Ohio for a week to visit family, and as usual, had a great time and took too many pictures.  My next few posts will likely be a Week in Review sort of thing.

One of our top activities when we’re in town is visit with Jayce’s twin cousins.  My mom and sister see them several times a week so Jayce is brought up in conversation often, and they are regularly talking about him, asking about him, and seeing pictures of him.  As a result of this, whenever he does come around (only 4 times since he was born due to the distance), the twins almost don’t know what to do with the actual physical Jayce. 

2009_10_15_3667 When we were home this time last year, they seemed disappointed by his limitations as a 6 month old, and were often telling us things like “Baby Jayce can’t talk,” “Baby Jayce can’t walk,” or “I tried to give Baby Jayce my truck but he didn’t take it.”


This time apparently he was a lot more fun, because our reports were things such as “Baby Jayce smiled at me,” “Baby Jayce is pushing the truck,” and notably, from the bathroom, “Can you close the door? I don’t want Baby Jayce to smell my poop.”

22 Oct 2009

Dodge This

LCU is having a dodge ball tournament soon and they asked a few of the faculty’s children to be involved in the promotional material.  Jayce was one of the kids involved, and the photographer, Michael Gowin, let us download and keep a few of the pictures as a thank you.





I think Jayce had fun being a little model, mostly because there was a ball involved in the photo shoot.  The biggest problem was that as soon as we handed the ball to him, he threw it down and then kicked it around the room.  I had to laugh because he has been doing this and watching people do this 5-6 days a week at soccer practice, but it was a little inconvenient for what they were trying to accomplish.  We kept just bringing him back in front of the backdrop, handing him the ball, and then stepping away as quickly as possible for the photographer to get a shot before he launched the ball in front of him. 

20 Oct 2009


Last weekend some people from church had an apple picking party at the apple orchard at their farm. Tons of people were there to help collect the apples, the less pretty ones were put into the cider press for cider, and the prettier ones we bagged up and took home. We ended up with 2 grocery bags full of apples and 3 containers of cider, it was great!!



Jayce loves apples and kept going after the rotten apples that were all over the ground, so I tried to distract him by giving him his own apple to munch on. It worked, except that he saw everyone picking apples and throwing them into baskets, so he would periodically walk over to one of the baskets and throw his apple in as well. He would then pull it back out, I guess distinguishable by the amount of bites already taken out of it, and then walk over to a different basket to pitch it into.


I could not resist the urge to take cute pictures of a baby trying to eat a huge apple. This was when we first arrived. Unfortunately, I didn't get more pictures of our friends or the cider-making because it was really cold and my hands were freezing. I couldn't bring myself to pull the camera back out once I discovered how much warmer my hands were in my pocket.


18 Oct 2009

For Dad

Jayce and I are in Ohio visiting family, but we miss Chris and know that he misses us. Luckily I have managed to get some video of some of the fun to help keep him in the loop. Enjoy.

(For some reason Jayce thinks that this little pink mat is his own personal dance floor. Whenever he sees it, he throws it on the floor and starts dancing!)

Dancing with a crash

Hilarious Golf Baseball



We miss you dad! We'll be home soon!

15 Oct 2009


When LCC changed their name this fall to LCU, they also changed their mascot from the Preachers/Angels to the Red Lions. (A good move, I think. I remember when we played LCC in college and what we thought about the intimidation factor of playing the Preachers.)

Anyway, there aren't any LCU shirts for little ones in the bookstore yet, so I decided to make one for my little one. And while I was at it, I went ahead and dubbed him our team's little mascot.


A Lil Red Lion to be more specific.


The girls were so excited about his little costume, and so was I! I told them about it a while ago and they have been asking me if he's going to make an appearance before every game, and it just hasn't worked out because the weather has been too cold and rainy to bring him along. Monday night was their senior night, and though the weather was cold we decided to bring him along to cheer on the team anyway.


We did not have a winning season, but we did have a pretty good time. I think Jayce will be more disappointed than anyone else though. Really, what is more fun to a 1 year old than running around in a big field for an hour a day, kicking balls and hanging out with college kids? I doubt I'll be able to replicate that throughout the winter.

12 Oct 2009

Perfect Pumpkin

I am typically a bit gun shy about carving pumpkins, mostly because I can’t come up with a creative face or interesting design to save my life. So this year I opted to paint instead. I LOVE the result! Anyone else enjoy a little argyle?

The obsessive compulsive side of me first started off with some painter’s tape to try to keep the lines clean, but it just wasn’t really working. I tried a stencil but it shifted around a lot, and the pumpkin was too round for the paper to lay flat enough for that to work well. So I ended up free handing it and it worked great! If my lines started looking crooked, I could just wipe off that section and start again. 


I got so excited about painting that I attacked this little guy too. As soon as I can get my hands on another bigger pumpkin I’m planning to paint our name on it. I’ll be sure to get a picture of that too, of course.


I am so fond of our new arrangement that it is now front and center on the table, and my twiney ball centerpiece got bumped to the breakfast bar. Chris thinks the big pumpkin is a little too preppy, but I think the part of him that likes Gap and Starbucks actually really likes it. 

Check out other great fall decor ideas at A Soft Place to Land.


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