29 Jun 2009

At the Ballpark

We are currently on vacation and despite my best intentions, I just haven't made time for Blogger. And since Chris and Jayce just left for the pool I won't linger here for very long. However, one of my friends just posted some pictures that turned out really cute and I just had to share them.
Chris is playing softball for our church this summer and they have games a few nights a week. Jayce really likes to go and watch all of the activity and his face lights up whenever he realizes that one of the guys out there is his dad. This evening was no exception.

Thanks for the pictures Jess, they turned out beautiful!!

23 Jun 2009

Father's Day

Jayce is such a daddy's boy. I will spare you all of the many ways that this is so, but the most prominent right now is that Jayce wants to be where ever his dad is.

We make a bit of a production of telling Chris goodbye in the morning-there is waving and kisses and Jayce watches him go out the door. But when Chris is home, if he leaves the room Jayce will suddenly look up from whatever he is playing with and take off after him towards the garage, laundry room, bathroom, etc. This picture below is from when Jayce encountered a closed bathroom door and had to sit outside, miserably. Before I grabbed the camera, he had been laying down on his stomach looking under the door. After this he started crying until Chris came out.
It is so funny to see the difference this year from last year's Father's Day. Jayce was just a newborn then and now he's a very little boy!
Father's Day 2008
Father's Day 2009

We had a nice Father's Day. Unfortunately, Chris had to go work because he has a big project that he is trying to wrap up before we leave for vacation(s) on Wednesday. But he came home in the early afternoon and we were still able to head out for a good dinner and have some family time.
We got him this toolbox, the big one, which he really needed and I thought was such a Father's Day type of gift. The only toolbox that we've ever had is this one that I received from my aunt as a high school graduation gift, and still use. We currently have more tools than will fit into it, and I think Chris is a little embarrassed whenever another guy sees the toolbox, since it has daisy decor and is labeled "Erin's Cool Tools 4 School." :) But the toolbox was filled with goodies, so don't feel too bad for him for receiving something so domestic!

22 Jun 2009

The Book!!

I know I have blogged about this before in it's earlier stages, but Chris' book is finally here! It has been available on Amazon for a little bit, but last month Chris received his copies in the mail, and we are so excited!!
I know that I've said this before, but being able to see the finished product and hold it in our hands brings a lot of closure to a 3 year long project and Scotland adventure. Chris is really happy with the way everything turned out and I am just so proud of him!!

Worth noting. (for Erin)

Even Kadison agrees that it's a good read. I just hope she doesn't finish it before I do.

21 Jun 2009

A Big Brother's Big Birthday

Today is my big brother's 30th birthday. I don't typically do birthday shout outs, but since it's my blog, I play by my own rules. :) Anyway, 30 is a big one, and since I can't celebrate with him physically today I will celebrate with him however I can, including here.
Justin and I are very close in age. Since I've had a baby, people often ask when we plan to have another, and how close in age my siblings and I are. I tell them that my brother is 17 months older, and my sister 9 years younger, so somewhere between the two. :) Being so close in age, we were best friends when we were little, went through the phase of irritating one another through middle school, and became friends again in high school and after.
I've enjoyed being friends with my brother. Unfortunately we're both busy, but whenever we and our spouses get the chance to catch up, we end up talking until all parties are exhausted. Also, for Chelsea's last birthday Justin spent hours on ebay and craigslist for different cities trying to track down an old Nintendo like we used to have, and the three of us logged many hours trying to beat Bowser's castle that weekend, and heckling one another . It was great.
Justin has always been a big help to me, moving me in and out of a few places in college and letting me crash at he and his wife's place for a few weeks one summer, where Chris eventually proposed! He and his wife, Tasha, drove Chris and I up and down the state of Ohio when we would come home to visit from Scotland, and always willingly agreed to cart us around even before we started offering gas money, dinner, etc. It's hard to visit family that lives 6 hours apart when you have no car, and we were so grateful for their help!!

Justin and Tasha are musicians in the group Ellery, and we have been so excited and proud to see all that they have done over the last 10 years. We used to love coming to see them play all of the time when we lived in Cincinnati and really miss those days! I can't wait to go to another live concert soon!

Justin also is a great uncle and always making Jayce smile and laugh. He designed and painted these cool animal pictures for Jayce's nursery, which certainly wins a few cool points with his nephew as well.
Justin, are we really this old already? So sorry we can't be celebrating with you today, but live it up in NYC!! We can't wait to hear the new album, we're so proud of you guys!! We love you!

19 Jun 2009

Music Lovers, Check Them Out!

Ellery, friendly

Ellery, pensive
Ellery, in button form

Have you ever heard of the group Ellery?

(excerpt from website biography) Ellery is comprised of husband-wife team Tasha and Justin Golden, who released their debut album, "Lying Awake," in 2006 with Seattle's Virt Records. Having met with critical acclaim that year, including national press and nominations for Artist and Album of the Year in Cincinnati, they followed in 2007 by releasing their live album, "What I've Said Out Loud," a live DVD that was filmed for PBS, and a holiday EP that was free to their fans. That year also saw them win the Mountain Stage NewSong International Songwriting Contest, and open for artists such as Hem, Over the Rhine, Vienna Teng, Ingrid Michaelson, and Edwin McCain. In December, they were selected by Paste Magazine as a semi-finalist in it's "RockNReel" indie artist contest.
In 2008, Ellery continued their nonstop touring, showcasing for the International Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, and opening for artists such as Teddy Thompson, Ellis Paul, Dar Williams and Lucy Kaplansky. That fall, "Songs for Lovers" was featured on American Songwriter's new web launch, and Ellery was again selected by Paste Magazine as a semi-finalist in it's "RockNReel" contest. Ellery continues to tour the US, and their songs have been heard on TV dramas, in Starbucks, and on radio around the country and in the UK.

What is not listed on their website is that they are my brother and sister-in-law, and they are great! Their previous records have been produced by Mitch Dane (ever heard of Jars of Clay?), and Ric Hordinski (ever heard of Over the Rhine or Phil Keaggy?), and this time they are working with Grammy award winning producer Malcom Burn, (ever heard of Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Sarah McLachlan, Ryan Adams, etc), and we are so excited for them!!
Anyway they have just announced their 2009 pre-order. You can get digital downloads, a copy of their cd, free entry to a concert, or lots of other things depending on what option you choose.
http://www.ellerystimulus.com/ This is a win-win situation as you can get the music at a discounted price, and help them to fund this project up front.
Please check out the links for more information if you're interested. They explain it all better than I do, but I can't help but get involved in a little shameless promotion as both a fan and proud little sister! :)

16 Jun 2009

Got My Kicks on Route 66

I was really pleased to discover Friday morning that my town is a part of a 37 mile long "Route 66" garage sale. I had no idea, seriously how do you miss a thing like this in a town this small?! There were a dozen or so booths set up on a square in town, and tons of other people had stuff set up on their lawns and driveways. I only went to the square and a few nearby yards, but got some cool things for about $25 total, and just felt like sharing some of my favorite random loot.
My highlights were this cool old bank, and little stool. I'm planning to refinish the stool for Jayce but he obviously doesn't mind it the way it is. Also, honorable mention for a "highlight" goes to the sign at one stand that read, "Jewelry, (Bling)."

12 Jun 2009


The week of Jayce's first birthday he popped out a few more teeth, started clapping, and started walking. It was almost as though he was saving these milestones for when he was exactly 1 years old. Anyway, over the last few weeks his walking has improved so much that it's almost not an accomplishment anymore and is just normal. But I have managed to get a few videos, especially now that he's taking more than 3 steps and I'm not always the start or finish line. Check out this big boy!

Week 1: A few steps and a dive.

Week 2: Some improvement, walking and yelling.

Week 3: Showing off, walking up our sloped cement driveway.

11 Jun 2009

Strike Two

When Jayce was just over a week old, I found a little plaster set for getting his hand print that we had received at a shower. Though this isn't necessarily my thing, I decided to try it out and set to work mixing up the plaster. I had told Chris, who was holding Jayce at the time, that I was doing this and would need to bring Jayce into the kitchen in a few minutes. Unfortunately Chris did not understand the urgency when using quick drying plaster, and after a few unsuccessful and impatient calls on my part, he brought the baby in. But it was too late, the plaster was already set and completely useless.

I was sooooo mad that night! (I think those postpartum hormones had bumped what would have been a "2" on the mad scale to an "8.") I remember Chris telling me that he would buy another plaster set and we could try again, and me replying, "Yeah, but he'll never be 9 days old again!" I thought it was a good point at the time, again maybe those hormones, but told him not to worry about the plaster and just used a stamp pad to ink his hand and foot print in his baby book.

Anyway, I was thinking about this the other day when I came across a similar plaster set at the store. Feeling too cheap to shell out $15 (seriously?) for such a thing, I figured that I could make something similar with some help from the craft aisle.

For under $4 I got these little wooden plaques, and some stain that would match the wood in Jayce's room. I have some paint leftover from the art that Justin painted for his nursery, so I figured I would use that for hand prints and foot prints. I stained the wood during Jayce's nap, grabbed the paint when he woke up, strapped a large plastic bib on him, and sat down to what I wrongly assumed would be an easy project.

If you have ever attempted, or succeeded at this task, then you may already realize how grand my optimism was that morning. As soon as the paint was on Jayce's hand he started grabbing at the plaques, so paint was smeared all over them, but not in hand print form. When I restrained his arms he tried to twist out of my grip, resulting in paint on his shorts, my pants, his arms and the table. I scooped him up and headed for the bathtub, but when I let go of his arms to turn on the water he managed to smear paint on the shower curtains, floor, tiles, etc.

I am still finding this green paint: A little more on the shower curtain last night, some on the floor this morning, and permanently set in my pants and his shorts. I managed to clean the plaques up for the most part, I'm just going to buff off a little of the green smears that are still showing, re-stain, and attempt later to get foot prints. I hope that this will go much more easily, and if not, please let me know if you see plaster sets anywhere for under $15.

10 Jun 2009

Top Three

Today I was marveling at one of Jayce's toys that is just amazing, and it made me think about a few other products that I am just so glad someone invented. I'm sure that there are many more baby products that I love and will think of as soon as I post this, but for now here are my top three baby "things."

Baby Mum Mums. Aside from the really stupid name, they're perfect. They are thin-as-a-wafer rice cakes and Jayce has been eating them since he was about 6 months old or so. I love them because they are so easy! They're mess free: no crumbs, no stickiness and no little pieces to pick up (like puffs), so a good option for the car seat. If we're out somewhere they'll keep Jayce quiet and appeased. Also, they are so light that they don't ruin his meals and aren't a choking hazard. I think they are moderately healthy, or at least not unhealthy, which counts for something.

A sleepsack. We have been using one of these since Jayce was too big for swaddling and they are perfect. Since we put Jayce down while he's still awake, and he likes to do a little light gymnastics before bed, it ensures that whenever he does eventually settle down that he will be covered and warm throughout the night.

This air ball popper thing. (Sorry, too lazy to look up the name, it was hard enough to find a pic without knowing the name of the product!) Anyway, push the button and a light flow of air pops the balls out the spout at the top, and they roll back down the ramp if not intercepted by baby. This is such a fun little toy that Jayce never passes up on, and I think that anything that can keep a 1 year old's attention for 15 minutes deserves mentioning. This is the toy that inspired this post, as this morning, like every other time it is within his line of vision, he toddled over, hit the button, and giggled and clapped as soon as it started.

Does anybody else have any favorites worth sharing?

7 Jun 2009


Here we are 6 years ago today.

I can not begin to describe, and probably won't publicly, all of the joy that this union has brought. I'm so glad that after 9 years together we are still best friends, and continue to choose to love one another every day. Thank you for an amazing 6 years!

Happy Anniversary!

New Swing

Jayce got a new swing for his birthday and we finally put it up this afternoon. I had stalled putting him down for his nap so that he could try it out and he loved it! He was so tired that he sat completely slumped over to the side, but still laughed and smiled the whole time.
Thanks Grandma and Aunt Chelsea!

5 Jun 2009

To My Local Library, In Light of Your Recent Rejection of My Son for Story Time

Dear library,

I was very disappointed this morning when I called to sign Jayce up for story time, and you told me that there were "no more spots."

When you said that there were "no more spots," did you mean that you have no more chairs? Because I have a lawn chair. So don't worry about the whole "spots" thing, because Jayce and I will be just fine in our lawn chair on Tuesday.

I understood when you say that you need to limit the amount of kids, as to keep better control of the group. When I say that "I understood," what I mean is that I literally understood the words. What you may not understand is that I have been to story time many times when there is this limited amount of kids, and by no means is the group under control. I think this is going to go without saying since it is a group of babies age 6 months-2 years.

I remember when I first came to the library and you gave me a tour, inquired as to the age of my then 4 month old baby, and told me that once he was 6 months old he could attend story time. When he reached this age and was signed up, you explained how I should call and notify you if Jayce was unable to attend on any given week. I thought at the time that perhaps you took your job just a little too seriously, since this is a free program put on by the local library, and Jayce wasn't actually receiving college credit for attending the 20 minute session. But I agreed to the rules anyway.

Thank you ever so much for putting me on your waiting list, behind those other few that you kindly assured me would not be able to attend either. I will mentally change my Tuesday at 10 am plans to a question mark for the next 6 weeks, and eagerly anticipate your call to let me know that a spot has freed up. Or, if you would rather just tell me in person, I'll be a few aisles over, during story time, clapping and singing along with my baby.

3 Jun 2009


Last week in an effort to keep Jayce occupied and out of the painter's way I decided to give him one of those middle of the day baths. While he was in there I realized that his hair was getting a little out of control and decided to give him a trim. He's had that whole, one long patch in the middle of his head, resulting in several long random strands on his forehead thing going on, and it's been annoying me to keep pushing it to the side. I trimmed up that top front part just a little, just enough to keep me appeased but not enough that anyone else would really notice. I did not trim the back because he currently has those cute, soft little baby curls there, and I refuse to part with those just yet. Also, Chris is rather proud of Jayce's little curls, as they appear to be one of the few things that his set of genes has contributed to Jayce's appearance.
And as I type, I have realize that I may have willingly but unknowingly given my son a mullet.

1 Jun 2009


It has been a very busy weekend. We have been on the move a lot the last few months, with various trips taking us out of town, lots of hours logged in the car, of lots of experimenting with which of Jayce's snacks are car seat friendly (ie. few-no crumbs), which toys will keep him entertained for 5+ minutes before being chucked to the side, and which toys are too loud for mom's patience. We have been looking forward to this weekend, as a no travel weekend, for us to get some things done around the house and relax.

Unfortunately, that didn't really happen. Jayce has a few teeth coming in so he's been extra sensitive. At the moment he has the emotional capacity of a premenstrual teenage girl. A few days ago he looked at me as he threw something on the floor from his highchair, I shook my head at him, and he burst into tears. This was not an easy day.

Friday we went for his 1 year shots, which he has never really had any reaction to in the past other than crying at the initial prick, so I wasn't worried going into it. He was supposed to get 3 shots, but when the nurse was giving him his third one, somehow she jerked or he smacked her hand or something, and she ended up pricking him and then pricking herself with the same needle. He had to get his third shot redone, and have some blood drawn to be tested, as is protocol for this sort of thing. I am confident that he doesn't have HIV, AIDS, or Hep C, but they had to do the tests anyway.

I can assure you that there is little as sad as having to restrain your child while he has his blood drawn, especially after he has already been stuck 4 times in the last 15 minutes and knows that something bad is coming. Luckily Chris did the restraining, but I still had to watch. Jayce was doing the full blown crying too: sharp breaths while his head snapped to the side, tears streaming off his cheeks and dripping onto the arm that Chris was holding him with, and some good wails. It was sad sad sad.

Unfortunately the weekend didn't get much better. Jayce woke up with a fever the next morning and has had one ever since. His temperature continued to climb despite regular doses of Tylenol. Motrin is helping a little, but he's been 101s to 103s continually. As you might imagine he hasn't been too happy of a kid, he wants to be held constantly and doesn't really want to play. This calm and snugly version of our baby is sweet, but when he's so warm I'm worried about my body heat keeping him from cooling off very much.

He did take a good long nap on Saturday and Chris and I dashed off in different directions, still trying to make this a productive weekend. He went outside to mowing, weed eating and mulch beds, and I headed towards laundry, cleaning bathrooms, sorting clothes for consignment and dishes. So we did get a little bit done.

Anyway, there are several other things that are going on/have gone on that I want to write about, but this one is currently overshadowing all else and I think I just needed to rant a little. He is currently taking a nap and I should be doing the same. Darn that delicious coffee!

So when do I reach the point where a constant fever is something to be concerned about and not just to be attributed to shots and teething?


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