25 Mar 2009

Naptime, by Jayce

Yesterday, instead of take a nap for mom, I decided to give her a showcase of the many other things I can do in my crib besides sleep, such as...

Not lay down.

Attempt to remove bumper pad that dad thought he attached snugly.

Second-guess defiant act of throwing pacifier out of crib. Stand and stare at it in despair.

Walk around crib until standing directly in front of camera.

Do half-headstand. Occasionally fall over. Repeat.

(Not pictured) Swing baby blanket around head lasso-style, and Let slightly-too-large pants fall down around ankles only to be held on by one shoe.

22 Mar 2009

Ode to Scotland

Chris and I were discussing something about Scotland the other day, and realized that we are gradually forgetting names of people, places, streets, etc that were big parts of our life not long ago. I'm really sad about this because I know that as time goes on we will only forget more and more about our life there. It's almost like a language that we used to speak but are forgetting the less we use it.

As of last week we have been back in the US for a year, and in light of this and my slipping memory, I wanted to take a minute and note a few of the things that I loved so much about living in Edinburgh.

Our flat. It certainly had it's flaws, but those added to it's charm. Our living room was the only heated room in the house, and heated by a fireplace. When we entered the living room in the morning it was under layers of sweats, as you do in a house that is 40-some degrees, and we would gradually shed them as the day went on and the room heated up to an acceptable temperature. Though it was kind of a hassle, there is something really cozy about needing to huddle near a fire, under a blanket or with a warm drink. Plus we had the most amazing view of the park.

Our favorite Saturday morning coffee shop, the deliciously-named Chocolate Soup. The chocolate drinks started with a giant scoop of melted Belgian chocolate, which could also be purchased alone for the the purposes of dunking one of the pastries into. We became good friends with the manager, a sweet Italian lady named Giovanna, and we would talk travel, Scotland, the woes of cold weather and whatever else was on our minds. When it was slow she would join us at our table to chat, and eventually started upgrading our drinks, charging us less for them, giving us the fresh muffins, and even let us in a few times when the shop was not yet open. We never left the shop in under an hour and lingered over our coffee and conversation as long as we could each week.

The University. We were each thoroughly involved in our schools, Chris in the Divinity School where he studied, and me in the School of Chemistry where I was employed. We each really felt a part of the community at our respective schools, and were so happy to have such a sense of belonging, especially being so far away from everyone and everything that we had ever known. We miss those beautiful buildings, and the unforgettable friendships that were built inside them.

Walking around the city. We loved living somewhere where everything that we needed was within walking distance. This is not to say that everything was close, but it was all doable. This forced us to not commit to too many things in one day and live our lives at a slower pace than we ever have in the past. It also gave us ample opportunity to enjoy the historic and beautiful sights of Edinburgh at a leisurely pace.

It was beautiful. I've tried to narrow down a million different things that I loved, and this can encompass many of them. The grey buildings against blue skies; the bright green grass; the coasts; the castles; the fog; the city. We never stopped being amazed by this and did our best not to take it for granted.

I'll stop there because I risk going on forever and posting three years worth of pictures!

18 Mar 2009

Stairs, in Motion

When Chris got home from work Jayce showed off his new trick for him, and I could get a little video.


Coming after mom.


This one is heavier on hamming it up for the camera than actual stair climbing.

17 Mar 2009


Yesterday Jayce took a few steps by himself for the first time. The facebook consensus is that this does count as walking! (Thanks guys!) I plopped him down and he stood for a second, took a few steps forward and then realized he wasn't holding onto anything and sat down. I was so excited and kept trying to get him to do it again, but ever since he has been clinging to my hands for dear life whenever he is vertical.
I'm wondering if yesterday's steps gave him a little boost of confidence, because today he climbed a stair at the playground, and then when we got home raced for our stairs, and up a few! Now I'm going to have to get that gate that I've been putting off!!

Table Food

He's very dramatic, this was just pears!

12 Mar 2009


We're really excited that Chris' book is now available on Amazon. It's so close to being released, and we can't wait to see the final product!

8 Mar 2009

Dad is Hilarious

This is a little game Jayce and his dad play at breakfast. Most mornings it is amusing, this morning it was hilarious.

Also hilarious is Jayce's face the first 5 or so seconds on this clip. I'm not really sure what happened, but it was cracking us up.


This is my sassy son. This is how he eats his toast. Every time. He actually seems to really like it, other than keeping his fists up and breathing quickly in and out of his nose like he's trying to punk me out.
Below is Jayce's protesting face. It is often accompanied by a very grumpy protesting noise. It comes out when we ask for a kiss and he doesn't want to give one. It comes out when I'm taking his picture and he doesn't like the flash. It comes out often when he's eating homemade pureed baby food. This ends up working out really well for me because I'm not that interested in whether or not he likes the peas, I just want him to eat the peas, and this open mouth helps my case a lot more than his.
This is Jayce and mom's grumpy faces. I was empathizing with him.

7 Mar 2009

Big Time

Yesterday afternoon I heard Jayce wake up in his crib and figured that I would throw some clothes in the washer before I went to get him, because he was happily blabbing away up there. I checked the monitor and when I only saw legs I rushed up to get him before he crawled or fell out. I was greeted with this.
He's been standing while holding onto things for several weeks now, but hadn't yet figured out that he could pull himself up in his crib. Those days are over now, and I fear that we must finally drop the mattress, along with the notion that he is still a little baby.

5 Mar 2009


Last week I had a very interesting conversation with the check out lady at Walmart. They have recently moved the baby formula up front and it needs to be purchased in the 10 items or less lane. This may seem like a small thing, but it's inconvenient to have to pay for groceries in one line, and then get into another line and pay again for formula. Especially since this adds additional time to a trip that is already pushing nap time and Jayce's patience. I decided to strike up a conversation about this as I was checking out.

Me: So why has the formula been moved up front?

Her: Well a lot of people were stealing it, so they had to move it up with the cigarettes and everything. It's a hassle for everyone.

Me: Yeah.

Her: (pause) Also, I heard they are using it to make meth.

Me: What?! Formula?! (pause) I think you are thinking of cold medicine.

Her: Well...you never know with those people.

For some reason I'm finding it hard to believe, even though you never know with "those people," that they are turning iron-infused, colic-reducing, baby-nourishing formula into illegal drugs. But maybe that's just me.

2 Mar 2009

The Book

Chris was recently sent this link to the upcoming publishing of his book. Chris defended his thesis one year ago last Saturday, and we are so excited to see the final result of his time studying at New College in Edinburgh! I am so proud.

Belated Christmas Present

We have been planning on getting a new toy box for the living room since we moved into the house, were able to order one for Christmas, and it just arrived last week.
Toy area before.
Toy area after. I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but Jayce is actually standing in one section of the ottoman, as well as playing in another.
It also seems to have many other purposes as well including mini crib, cruising obstacle, large drum, teether, etc. It's a toss up who loves it more, us or the baby.


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