24 Feb 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes

videoA week later and Jayce is cruising steadily, and perhaps most notable, happily behind his little walking thing. (Sorry, I'm sure there's an official name for the toy, I'm just feeling a little too lazy to google it. Though it may have taken about as much time as typing these sentences.)

He seems exclusively interested in standing or walking now as well, and is annoyed when we put him on his stomach to crawl. But with all of this newfound mobility, he's also learning a new word, no. And he is promptly ignoring it.

17 Feb 2009


Since Jayce has been walking around for several weeks now holding onto our hands I thought I'd pull out this little thing to see if he'd like walking around with it.

He didn't like it.

He gets nervous when it moves forward and doesn't quite get that it is a prompt to walk along behind it. He also doesn't understand that letting go of the handle and sitting down will put him out of his own misery, and instead he just looks to me to rescue him. He does take a few steps, and is pretty funny.

Barbara, I told you he cries sometimes!

The Sermon

I mentioned in a previous blog that Chris would be preaching in his home church, Okolona Christian in Louisville, in February. Chris did a great job, and the video is now available here or the audio here if you'd like to check it out.

16 Feb 2009

Where's Dad?

Jayce isn't quite stable enough to stand on his own now, but loves to lean on the couch pillows and look out the window, particularly at our neighbors house which is still lit up with Christmas lights. Occasionally Chris comes home while Jayce is watching, and it is really cute! The boy sure loves his dad!

10 Feb 2009

Creeping and Crawling


Jayce has finally decided to add a little creeping and army crawling to his routine of simply rolling from one side of the room to another. We are so proud.



6 Feb 2009


So Jayce finally has enough hair for a mohawk. I chose not to resist grabbing the camera.

5 Feb 2009

Music Lessons

We were hanging out at our friends' house the other day and Jayce ended up getting several music lessons from Dustin:



and of course air guitar

which Jayce loved.

4 Feb 2009


Here are a few pics of me and my little rookie playing the other day, him with the basketball hoop, and me with my camera.

2 Feb 2009


I came across this ad in a magazine today and had to laugh.
How true.


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