30 Jan 2009

Preach It!

Next weekend Chris will be preaching at Okolona Christian Church in Louisville Kentucky. This is exciting for us, b/c this is the church Chris was raised in, married in, and ordained in, and he is really happy to have the opportunity. Also, though he has done tons of public speaking: at his graduations, a few weddings, a few classes of 60+ students, and numerous smaller classes in church and school, I think this is his first preaching experience, and I'm really excited to hear how it goes.

A small blip from the church bulletin about him. http://www.okolonacc.org/images/10000/7000/201OK/user/SpecialSpeakersFeb09.pdf

If you're in town please stop by on Feb 8!

27 Jan 2009

Tough Guy

Jayce is at the point now where he is picking up new tricks every week. A lot them are imitations of us: coughing if we cough, screaming at Chris' prompting, raspberries of course, and in general just making noises at us to try to get a response. Last week he started doing this tough guy face: eyebrows furrowed, chin set, lips pursed, arms out, and rapid in and out breaths through the nose. Even though it is funny and cute, I do kind of feel like my son is trying to punk me out whenever he does it.

Anyway, we were at a hotel with a full length mirror over the weekend and I plopped Jayce down in front of it to see how he would respond to this "other baby." He first just kept making that face at himself, then moved in to try to get the baby in his mouth, cried briefly when he headbutted the mirror in the process, and eventually moved in slower towards the mirror for kisses. The game was over once he realized I was sitting there next to him and started trying to get the camera, but luckily I got numerous shots before he did so. I love love love this new camera!!

20 Jan 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is Chris' birthday, and his first as a dad, so I thought I would put up a few of my favorite pictures of my favorite boys.

It's obvious that Jayce loves his dad so much, and the enthusiasm that he has when Chris gets him up in the morning, comes home from work, or just enters the room, is unrivaled.
I am so lucky to be able to watch the evolving relationship between these two, whether it is sharing a common interest,

snuggling (I know, very manly word),
or watching the game.

I am reminded each day how glad I am to have Chris as my husband and as Jayce's dad, and I think Jayce feels the same way. We love you so much Chris, happy birthday!!!

18 Jan 2009

Belated Christmas

Mom and Chelsea came to town the week after Christmas to celebrate with us, hang out and help me with some things around the house.

Jayce had a good time opening his presents. He obviously didn't understand what was going on, but he really liked the paper and whatever items eventually emerged from it.

We celebrated Christmas and Mom's birthday.

We also painted and reassembled 3 rooms in 3 days, and still managed to take care of a 7 month old! We were all feeling very ambitious, and I'm pretty sure that if they had stayed for another day or two, we would have painted a fourth room. But we did get the kitchen, a bathroom and the study finished completely, and were feeling very proud of ourselves! We still have some decorating to do but saved it for another trip.
Jayce got to spend a good amount of time with grandma in between all of the projects, and they both had a great time. He also loved hanging out with Aunt Chels.

I love you Mom and Chels! We miss you and please come visit again soon!!

17 Jan 2009

Chelsea and Jayce

I have been reprimanded by my sister for not posting pics of her on here yet, like I said I would have by now, so here are some pics of her being a mean aunt and blowing in Jayce's face, and of him being so sweet that he still snuggled with her anyway!

15 Jan 2009

Google your images

My friend Katrien tagged me to google my images forever ago. I have finally gotten around to it, and I had a bit fun on google images. Sorry the pics aren't bigger but you get the idea.

My Age
First Name

Best Friend

Current Pet
First Job

Favorite Food

One of my favorite places


Current place of residence
What I'm doing right now

Favorite animal

Favorite object

Past love
Place I want to go

Place I've been

Nickname (former)
Favorite color
Who I tag


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