29 Nov 2008

6 Months Old

We took Jayce to get pictures taken for his 6 month birthday, and despite an incredibly annoying photographer, we think they turned out super cute! (sentence completed by my 19 year old sister)

23 Nov 2008

Airport Luck, Despite the Seeming Oxymoron

Jayce and I flew to Akron for Thanksgiving this year a week early while Chris went to the SBL conference. I have been nervous about this ever since we bought the tickets, mostly due to a memory of a woman Chris and I observed a few years ago in line at security. She had a baby in a stroller, and as she went through security she had to hold her baby, fold up the stroller to put through the scanner, remove her boots, belt & coat to be scanned, and put her purse and diaper bag through. She also had bottles and lotions pulled out to be scanned separately, and had to items coming out of the scanner to be collected while she was still putting things through the front. Basically she was there forever, and it was a huge hassle. I remember watching her and Chris and I muttering "Poor lady" to each other. So this year the "poor lady" would be me, and I had mentally inserted Jayce and I missing our flight because we had taken so long at security.

I was also a bit worried about the flight. About Jayce's ears popping (or not) and him crying inconsolably. About him dropping a big load in his pants right when the fasten seat belt light went on and me and my neighbors having to endure a smelly diaper for 20+ minutes. About us being seated next to some grumpy guy who was annoyed when Jayce swatted at his newspaper and spent the whole flight trying to lean away from us.

It turns out that we had some luck at the airport instead. I know it sounds ludicrous, but it's true. Jayce and I were flying out in the morning and Chris was flying out that afternoon, so instead of just dropping us off he decided to check in for his flight early so that he could help us through security. The flight attendant not only let Chris check in early, but offered to let him fly out on Jayce and I's flight (we were both going through Chicago to our final destinations). This would get Chris into Boston at 4 instead of midnight, and mean that he would be with Jayce and I on the plane and in Chicago, so the only time I would have Jayce alone was on my flight to Cleveland.

As for my other worries...we did get held up at security and we held up the line, but it was fine. Even when they had to do extra checks on our bottles of milk and the stroller got stuck in the scanner. Jayce's ears didn't pop, he didn't cry once the whole trip, and there were no dirty diapers on the flights. The grumpy guy sitting next to us was Chris, and he wasn't that grumpy with his sleeping baby in his arms. I aslo ended up with an empty seat next to me in my second flight, and Jayce slept the entire time.

And with my optimism peaking, I'm looking at flights for a spring trip.

19 Nov 2008

Go U of L!

Due to the appalling state of U of L football this year, we have decided to focus our attention on what is ahead, U of L basketball season! Chris is seriously excited about this.

I am seriously excited about Jayce in this outfit.

And Jayce already has his game face on.

17 Nov 2008


I was just thinking the other day that I started this blog when I was trying to distract myself from Jayce's crying at nap time, and I should probably state how this is no longer an issue whatsoever. After that first week he started going down without a peep and waking up so happy that we fight over who gets to get him up. I realize that sounds incredibly cheesy, but oh well. I also know that teething is about to come along and ruin our perfect little nap routine, so we're just enjoying it while we can.

Jayce on Bobgear

My friend just emailed me a link for a contest on Bobgear's website where you upload a video of your baby laughing and can win a free jogging stroller. I couldn't resist uploading my video of the first time Jayce laughed. If you need an excuse to smile this Monday morning, you should check out this website. The giggling babies are precious.


13 Nov 2008

Chris' Thesis

LCC's website featured an article on the publishing of Chris' doctoral dissertation at the link below. He has just submitted the manuscript in the last month or so, so we are hopeful that it might be out by spring of 2009.

The series is New Testament Tools, Studies and Documents at Brill. www.brill.nl/ntts.

Chris also co-authored a chapter in Jesus, the Voice, and the Text edited by Tom Thatcher, which has been released recently.

And since I am the author of this blog, shameless husband bragging is not only permitted but required.

Sitting for a Sec

The past few weeks Jayce has started sitting on his own for a few seconds here or there, before he loses his balance or reaches for something and crashes to one side or the other. Today I was attempting to catch him in action on film. I did manage to get one shot of him sitting, but since my camera has a 3 second delay to allow for the flash, I have a dozen pictures of the crashes. They are actually more amusing than the sitting.

11 Nov 2008

Our Randy

Last weekend across the midwest (and probably further) the weather changed dramatically overnight from sunny and 70s, to cold and 40s. I was completely unprepared and we had to run out Saturday for winter coats.

I bought this great coat for Jayce (50% off at Old Navy!), and though it is his size, there is certainly room to grow. I got Jayce into his new coat and in the carseat and started cracking up b/c he just looked so funny. He smiled a lot at first, probably at me laughing, before he realized that he couldn't move his arms.

Getting a new winter coat probably shouldn't warrant a blog post, but I just couldn't resist sharing this picture. It's my own little Randy from "A Christmas Story."

10 Nov 2008

Inside LCCS Podcast Interview with Chris

Chris was interviewed Wednesday for a podcast on LCC's website and it's available today at the link below. It's a very good interview, and interesting whether you know Chris really well or hardly at all.


Also here is the link to his staff page. Less interesting and informative than the podcast (in my humble opinion), but in text form.


9 Nov 2008

What Should We Do Here?

We have this recessed niche above the fireplace in our new house and I'm completely dumbfounded as to what to do with it. Chris and I always joke that we could stand in it, and this morning I busted out the measuring tape to confirm our suspicions. I am pleased to announce that at 3.5ft x 6 ft at it's highest point, we literally could stand in it.

Now other than Chris or I actually climbing up into this niche to smile and wave at our guests, or putting a statue of the Virgin Mary in here, (it is the right shape), what in the world should I do with this thing?! I am not creative. I once cut out little shapes resembling my living room furniture, and rearranged them on paper to try to figure out where to put my Christmas tree. I ended up sticking it at the end of the couch, the most obvious place, which required no furniture rearranging and certainly no couch cut outs. Therefore I am appealing to my interior design-interested or artistic friends (Cristin? Patrice? Mandy?), or anyone else with an opinion.

Google's best suggestions include a large wrought iron sun, a clock, or a tv. Anyone else?

2 Nov 2008

Baby Dedication Day

We had Jayce dedicated today at our church in Lincoln, Jefferson Street Christian Church. It was a nice little ceremony at the start of the service, where they introduced us and him (along with several other families and their new additions), gave him a little Bible and certificate, and prayed for him and our family. It was sweet and we were really glad that Justin and Tasha were in town! This is certainly one of those situations where we wished that our family was closer so that they could attend as well, but luckily J&T were willing to be our own personal paparazzi for the event, so we have some pics and video of the day.

Check out Jayce on the screen behind us here.

The Nursery

Here are a few pictures of Justin and Jayce in the nursery with it's new fabulous decor!

Also, the wonderful wall of stripes. I love this wall, I get so happy whenever I walk into the nursery and see it, but as I have told many people before I will never do it again. There are the 2 blue colors and white stripes as well, and though it was worth it, it took my mom and I the better part of a week to do, with lots of blue tape, pencil marks and wrestling with the level.


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