31 Oct 2008


Since Jayce is a little too young to celebrate Halloween with his own class, we decided to take treats to his dad's class this year. He got into his little costume and we surprised Chris' Life of Christ class with chocolate chip cookies towards the end of the lecture.
Justin and I had carved pumpkins the night before so we had those lit up on the front porch during trick or treating. Chris is not into being festive this way, so was relieved that Justin could help me with this and he wouldn't have to.
That evening we got our cow and treats all ready and spent a bit of time at the house passing out candy, and the rest of the time walking around the neighborhood visiting with several of the neighbors that we are friends with. One of our neighbors that we went to say hi to was this sweet family who are Hindu, a fact that I forgot until just after we had rang the doorbell. (If you don't know, cows are sacred to Hindus and Jayce was dressed as a cow!) If they were offended they didn't show it or they forgave us quickly. Chris and I kept saying that next year they would probably dress their kids up as Jesus and come knock on our door. Oh well. :)

30 Oct 2008

Almost Rolled

videoToday Jayce rolled over several times in a row, so I thought I would catch one on video to send to Chris at work. Of course as soon as I pulled out the camera he stopped cooperating. However, here is a short video of him trying to roll over but not quite pulling it off, and babbling sassily. I have to admit, we think it is so funny when Jayce "talks" like this and ususally egg him on. I figure there are at least a few grandparents who will happily welcome a new video even if there aren't any amazing tricks happening. In the meantime, we'll keep working on that rolling over.

Justin's Art

Justin and Tasha were in town this weekend to visit and brought an amazing present for Jayce and his nursery. Justin designed and pained these adult and baby animal paintings and they turned out great!
Justin used to sketch all of the time and won a bunch of awards for his artwork back in high school. He still doodles around the edges of paper or whatever he can get his hands on, and so I thought it would be fun if he could do some decorations for the nursery. He agreed to do it and has been plotting the perfect nursery animals ever since, and when they told me they would be coming to town this weekend, I hoped they would bring them along!
On a side note, Justin and his wife Tasha are musicians in the group Ellery, and were in Peoria this weekend playing at a showcase. I took them up to LCC's campus one day to see Chris and show them around the campus, and while we were checking out the library a student asked if they were Ellery, said he had seen them play a few times and asked if they were playing in town. It was perfectly pleasant and they chatted with him for a minute before moving on, but I was so glad I was there for this priceless exchange because it gave me ground to harass them (good-naturedly) about being rock stars and recognized where ever they go!

29 Oct 2008

First Veggies

So we attempted vegetables with Jayce for the first time last night. I normally give him his cereal during the day but waited until Chriswas home so that he could be in on the fun as well, and get pics. Green beans was on the menu, and though Jayce did actually eat several bites, he also kept scrunching up his eyes and looking at us like we were crazy for feeding him this stuff!

Our little cow

I am one of those people who gets really excited about Halloween for some reason. I think a lot of it has to do with the crisp and beautiful fall weather, but I do like the Halloween stuff too. I love trick or treating and seeing kids running around in cute costumes. I love handing out candy and snuggling up to Chris on the couch with a scary movie. I love picking out and carving a pumkin, even though I have no creativity, and always end up with the most basic eyes, nose and mouth you could think of on my Jack-O-Lantern.
I have been thrilled at the thought of dressing Jayce up this year and have been on the prowl for the perfect little costume for him since September. Or if I'm going to be perfectly honest, since August. Last week I finally got it and immediately dressed up Jayce in his little cow costume. I couldn't wait for Chris to get home to show him, and we were on Skype almost immediately with our families, for as long as our cow could stand it.
I do plan on dressing Jayce up for Halloween so that he can help me hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. Really I just want to show off my baby b/c I think he looks so cute and funny in his costume! Jayce's uncle and aunt, Justin and Tasha, will be in town Halloween weekend as well, and I'm looking forward to them joining in the festivities!

23 Oct 2008

Fall in Illinois

This past weekend we took a little family outing to a nearby fall festival. It has been great to be able to enjoy a nice fall season this year, especially since we've really been missing that the past 3 years in Scotland. I know that everyone has fall pictures up now on their websites, facebook, blogs, etc, but I'm not going to let the lack of originality stop me from posting ours. Especially with such a little cutie!

22 Oct 2008

Listening to a crying baby is no way to blog

In an attempt to distract myself from my son, whom Chris and I are trying to let "cry it out" at naptime, I am starting what I have put off for long enough, the blog.

I have gone around and around in my head about the format of the blog, should it be mostly pictures, updates about what we're doing, my more personal thoughts? I have finally decided to not decide and just start.

But what is going on right now is the baby is crying, we're trying to do the Babywise thing, and we're giving it a week to see how well he can get himself to sleep in his crib for his naps. For the last 2 days it has taken 1 hour and 20 minutes for him to fall asleep and it is torture all around!! However, I have heard a million people say that if you just stick it out, the crying gets less and less as the week goes on and it is well worth it. I have never heard someone say that once they started letting their child cry themself to sleep, they were emotionally scarred and never hugged again. So we're giving it a shot.

This picture is from the other night after Chris "rescued" Jayce from a crying episode and he fell immediately asleep in his arms.


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