20 May 2015

Stylo Magazine

Pink Debbie Dress STYLOI have been sitting on a little secret for just over three months now that I am so excited to finally let out.  

In February I was invited to contribute to an incredible project, Stylo Magazine.  If you haven't heard of it before, it is a Kids Fashion Magazine entirely composed of clothing that you could make.  All pattern links and fabric links are included and contributors are encouraged to outdo themselves with fun styling and photos.  Even if you don't sew or aspire to sew it is incredibly inspirational and fun!  The kids, clothes, and photos are just amazing. 

Liberty Theo Shirt StyloI ended up making seven different garments for the issue, five with patterns that I had never used before, and one pattern that was in Dutch and I had to Google translate (and head scratch) my way through.  Luckily the photos in the tutorial were very helpful and I was so pleased with the way that everything turned out.  I was especially happy to have a good excuse to sew for Jayce and I just adore his look.IMG 7041I even made a tutorial for the pineapple pocket dress that is pictured above, and it will be up on The Sewing Rabbit later today.  I love that dress.

Zebra Persimmon Dress stylo1I'll be back later on in the week with some more details on some of my looks, but I don't really see any reason for that now because you really need to just go check out the magazine itself here.
Liberty Desert Rose Dress styloGrab a warm drink and take your time because it is beautiful!!  I love the things I made but my co-contributors really outdid themselves!!Reversible Autumn Coat stylo

15 May 2015

Racing With Kids

SSP TR A02046  EHLast Sunday Chris ran a half marathon that he has done for the past three years.  We met him at the finish line and he ran in with the kids, as he has done in past years.  Just for kicks, here are the previous years.

SSP CA 032332  EH(2014, and last year's post)

SSP CA 54903  EH(2013 and that year's post.)

Also this, from that year, because it is unreal how different they sound in just 2 years.

IMG 6924The kids and I were waiting for Chris as he came around the last bend before the finish line.  He rescued me from an endearing but insanity-inducing game of I spy with the kids.

Jayce: Mom, I spy with my little eye something starting with g and t….give up?  Ginormous tree!!

Hannah: Mom, I spy with my little eye something starting with pretz…that's right mom!  Pretzel bag!  Well done! 

IMG 6926Chris carried Hannah for a little bit but eventually she had to run across the line with him.

IMG 6929Even carrying/running with the kids the last little bit Chris still ran his new personal best race time of just over 1:29. (Sorry, I don't remember to the second.)  We celebrated sufficiently afterwards with crepes for lunch and the noodle bar for dinner.  But only because we like to support our local businesses...

Congratulations Chris on another job very well done! :)

7 May 2015


Pillow Jumping 3Some days, when it's cold or rainy, and the kids need to burn off some steam but Chris and I aren't up for a park trip we do this.  'Pillow jumping' is what the kids call it.  We bring down one or both of their mattresses, every pillow from every bed in the flat, make a big pile and let them jump and jump.  

Pillow Jumping 2Pillow Jumping 1There is a (sturdy) table behind the back of the couch that the kids jump from, so they get a little bit more height and distance than if they were just jumping from the couch to the floor.  Sometimes they flip a little bit, sometimes they land on their backs, sometimes we throw pillows at them while their jumping, which they try to avoid (or try to jump into), but there is always lots of giggling.Pillow Jumping 5But there is always hair flying, some cool moves, and lots of giggling.  It is probably one of Chris' most proudest accomplishments, the invention of this game for when boredom strikes.  Because honestly, the park is really great, but sometimes we just can't, and this fits the bill in a way that makes everyone happy.  

Pillow Jumping 4

29 Apr 2015

Cinderella at the Movies

IMG 6587A few weeks ago we took Hannah and Jayce to see the new live version of Cinderella at the movie theatre.  Hannah was excited, Jayce wasn't, and Chris and I were in that way that you are when you think your kid is going to be really delighted by something.
It wasn't entirely delightful for anyone.  

23 Apr 2015

Antalya Dress

Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 15I am so excited that I finally got my hands on the Antalya Dress pattern by Olga at Kid Approved this week!  It is the first of several new patterns by the Willow & Co pattern company and the details are just so fun.  I love it!   Actually the pattern has a special introductory price this week, so jump over and get a copy now!

(Also, in an attempt to distract Hannah from running away I asked her if she could stand like Princess Aurora, and this is what she did-a kiss.  I don't know.  There were lots of flowers to be picked and she was a girl on the move!)

Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 19Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 17

Back to the dress.  The Antalya has a slightly loose fit with dolman sleeves, so a good comfortable fit in the armpit and bodice area, perfect for running around at the park.  The swooping curved line on the front extends up the bodice on the back, but I decided not to break up this beautiful floral panel on the back, and I topstitched along the curve instead.  There is the option to close with a button panel or an exposed zipper, but the best zipper option I had was invisible so I went with it, thinking that it would still peek out a little.  Ironically it is the best invisible zipper installation that I have ever done, and you can barely see it when she's standing up.  Oh well.

Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 9Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 5Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 6

I love how this pattern gives you the option to do some cool color blocking between the sleeves, the main portion of the dress, and the back panel, or you could use the same fabric on the whole dress and accent the lines with piping.  I have been sewing through my fabric stash this winter and spring and didn't have enough of any one piece of fabric to do the whole dress in, but that is what's happening next time.  Piping accents everywhere! :)

 Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 3Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 4

I made Hannah a size 2 per her chest measurements but added extra length at the bottom that I hid up in a wide hem that I'm sure will be let down later this summer.  She has been growing in height more than anything else recently and I didn't want this dress to graduate to a tunic anytime too soon.  

Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 8Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 12Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 20

She loved this dress and was particularly happy with the spin factor on the skirt.  It got a full thumbs up for scooter-riding too, which you can't really beat.  

Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 21Antalya Dress at Our Family Four 13

I'm linking this project up to Kids Clothes Week.  I have a few more things up my sleeve that I hope to finish off in the next few days, so that's all for now!

20 Apr 2015

Jayce Says

Red Nose Day 3I know I often write about the funny things that Hannah says, and three year olds certainly do have lots of funny things to say.  But almost-seven year olds do too.  Red Nose Day 1The other day we were at a restaurant and Jayce was washing his hands and attempting to find that happy medium water temperature. 

Jayce: Mom, that one was too hot, and this one is too chilly.  We need it to be chot, that would be just right.  "Ch" from chilly and "ot" from hot.  Chot.

Me: Yeah, we could call it that.  Or there's actually already a word for that, called warm.

Jayce: Oh yeah, warm.  So yeah, we could say either chot or warm.

Red Nose Day 6Red Nose Day 5

He has been making me smile a lot with his prayers at bedtime.  For a long time Jayce would exclusively and stubbornly thank God for me and Jack (his favorite stuffed animal), and Hannah would balance things out by thanking God for Chris and her favorite stuffed animal.  But recently Jayce has started spilling out a variety of different things, like thanking God for his creativity.  The other night he thanked God for all of the wonderful things that he does to help people who are poor and sick. :)

Red Nose Day 4Red Nose Day 7That night Hannah wasn't feeling very cooperative, and after some persuasion finally thanked God for her dresses.

Dresses are a fine thing to be thankful for, although I would argue that I have a small hand in those as well.

Red Nose Day 11Red Nose Day 10

I sometimes feel like only a few small things aren't worthy of a post of their own, and I need to have a long string of hilarity to recount.  But I love remembering what little and big things are going through these kids' minds, and want to write them down before they slip out of my mind forever. 

Also these pictures are from last month when the kids were getting ready for Red Nose Day before school, just in case you were wondering if this was just an average face-painting day. 

15 Apr 2015

Bubble Magic

Bubbles 10Bubbles 14Hannah has been dying to go outside to do bubbles since February, but we didn't have any and I didn't make it a priority to get some.  But last week I texted Chris at the end of the day and asked him to swing by the Pound Store on the way home and it was basically Hannah's dream come true.  Jayce initially wasn't interested but quickly changed his mind and decided to join in too.


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