16 Dec 2014

The Year Two Christmas Play: My Sleepy American

Jayce had his Year Two Christmas play last Friday.  We found out that his role was an American Christian, fits for obvious reasons, although I joked that we needed to work on his accent to play the part.  But he did great.  That is, when he wasn't falling asleep...  
Year Two Christmas Performance 20
because this (below) is pretty much what he looked like throughout the performance.  
Year Two Christmas Performance 6
The night before the performance, right before bed, Jayce pulled out a tooth that has been hanging on for too long and there was a lot of fanfare.  Then he lost it, like actually lost it somewhere in the flat, which resulted in a big search and then another one, and then a sad boy that couldn't fall asleep.  He finally went to sleep almost 2 hours later than his bedtime, and that coupled with the fact that the performance was first thing on a Friday morning…well, he was tired.  But he still did great.

10 Dec 2014

Jayce at 6.5: My Zoned-Out, Brave, Antagonized, Little Old Man

Jayce 1
 Jayce, it's been a while since we talked about what makes you, you,  Now that you are officially six and a half years old, (a milestone that you've been counting down towards for the last month) it seems like an update is due, particularly now that you are at the age where my updates aren't, "you're just so sweet!"  

7 Dec 2014

Hannah Doing Her Own Thing and Her Sweet Brother: AKA Ballet Performance

Jayce and Hannah Ballet 3
Hannah had her last lesson of the term this weekend, the one where parents and family are invited to watch and able to take pictures and film.  I am so so glad that I did, because the following video is three year old comedy gold.

Highlights include her doing her own thing throughout the warm up song and then bowing at the end, leading a line of girls to a dead end, twice, and not knowing where to go from there, and stopping to hug Jayce every time that she passed.  But really, you have to see her in action.

3 Dec 2014

The Chop

Bang trim 2
Last Saturday evening, while I unpacked groceries and Chris watched the U of L game, Hannah was in the bathroom playing with her hair clips in front of the mirror.  And just for kicks she grabbed the nail scissors and chopped into her bangs too.

30 Nov 2014

On Making a Sweater Coat and Giant Bubbles

Five and Ten Sweater Coat  Our Family Four 3Five and Ten Sweater Coat  Our Family Four 10
So, I made Jayce a sweater, but I didn't knit it.  Which is kind of an awesome way to make a sweater, in my opinion.   

28 Nov 2014

On Gingerbread Houses and Solo Parenting

Gingerbread House 1
Chris was away last week for a conference, so when the weekend approached I wanted to have a few activities planned for the kids and I.  In true "it figures" territory, I got a cold that hit me full on the morning that he left.  Actually, when he was packing the night before I had one of those terrible congested sinus headaches, and knowing what would likely come in the morning ran out then to get some cold medicine.   All of that to say that I was aware even before the weekend came that I wouldn't be firing on all cylinders well Chris was away, so I needed to have a few activity options that didn't involve me running all around town with both kids.
Gingerbread House 4

21 Nov 2014

On Hannah: That Posh English Accent, Night Terrors, and Her Daddy's Rusty Car

It's been a little bit since I wrote just about Hannah despite the fact that her personality is exploding right now.   
Pretty in Peplum Dress at Our Family Four 19
1.) That accent.
Every time that I post a video the first thing that people comment on is the kids' accents.  The days where I pretended that having two American parents was going to coerce the children into sounding like us are gone and I've accepted that in this area we are the low man on the totem pole.
Actually the other day Jayce and Hannah teamed up on me and both started mocking me.  I said something about crafts, and Hannah said, "No mommy, not cray-yafts.  Crofts." 
 Me: I said crafts!
Jayce, with a small smile:  No mom.  Crofts.  
 I'm used to them occasionally making fun of Chris' slight southern accent, but not used to them both making fun of my American accent!  Come on, guys!


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