27 Feb 2015

Woven Fabric Scrap Wall Art

Only a few days until my family arrives in London, and I have to say that my decorating/re-decorating has reached a slight fever pitch!
Woven Fabric Scrap Wall Art  Our Family FourOne area that I have been DELIGHTED to finally have tackled is the area at the top of the stairs.  It was a big blank space and now there is color, texture, and art, and best of all it was FREE!  See that big, touchable weaving on the right?  It is made entirely of fabric scraps from my stash, t shirt yarn (which I'll show you how to make below) and woven on the back of an art piece that had been hanging in my living room.  I love these kinds of "use what you've got" projects, particularly when they turn out so well!Heart Weaving Wall 2 Fabric Scrap Wall Art WM
Also, I'm sharing the tutorial for this T Shirt Yarn Heart Weaving today over on The Sewing Rabbit if you want all of the details of my slight obsession with weaving. :)

25 Feb 2015

Five Reasons Why My Husband is a Better Parent Than Me

I saw an article going around on on Facebook this week and I finally clicked on it.  I started to read through it, but once I got the general gist of it I closed it down because my husband is so much better than hers.  Or at least I found myself completing her sentences instead of reading them.  But overall it was some good-dad cheerleading and I decided to jump on board.
Why My Husband is a Better Parent Than Me
Furry Plum Coat at Our Family Four 24

17 Feb 2015

On Cats and Kitties and a Lost Hippo

Duck Feeding 4The other day we were walking to the bus stop and Jayce was talking about his future cats.  We have told him that whenever we move he can get a kitten, so he brings this up periodically despite no move being on the horizon.  It's Chris and I's way of saying, some day but not now, and Jayce has clung to it.  A few different friends have mentioned it to me as well.  "So...Jayce tells me that when you move he's getting two cats?"  Apparently it comes up in conversation.
Jayce already has the names picked out.  If it's a boy, Cottontail, and if it's a girl, Whiskers.
We asked Hannah what she would name her cat.  Tree, she replied.  This was the conversation we were all having as I took these pictures.

11 Feb 2015

He Gives Me Flowers

Jayce flowers 8
Outside the front of our flat there is a bush with winter-blooming yellow flowers.  Jayce picks them and brings them to me.  He does it all of the time.

9 Feb 2015

Around Here: THE Shoes, Shrunken Shirts, Visitors, and Cinderella's Prince Got Named

Saturday 1Tap shoes 1
First up, the princess herself.
Hannah's ballet class has changed to a ballet/tap combo.  This was her first week in the new format which I assume went well, but I didn't get any more information than this: We got the shoes.
The shoes have been on ever since and Hannah is proving to be a girl wise beyond her years, spending the weekend shuffling through most all of her wardrobe to see how each item looked with her new shoes.  We also spent a considerable amount of time in the kitchen with her toe pointed and tap-tap-tapping on the hard floor.  I have to admit that I'm really getting a kick out of this.   

5 Feb 2015

My First Post!

Guess what?!

Cuffed and Color Blocked Sunday Picnic Dress at Our Family Four 37

My first post over at the Sewing Rabbit is up today, yay!!  

I'm writing a little something that I swore I would never do a year ago, but I tried it out and have been steadily building my confidence ever since.  Please come over and say hi!!

3 Feb 2015

Furry Plum Wool Coat

Furry Plum Coat at Our Family Four 11I know I say it a lot, and it is a bit inevitable since I keep making new things and building on my skill set, BUT this new coat is my favorite thing ever.


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